Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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LAU boasts state-of-the-art buildings and facilities. All construction and renovation projects are designed to be energy-efficient and to reduce environmental impact.

Beirut Campus

LAU’s Beirut campus is situated in the Qoraytem sector of Ras Beirut, in the vicinity of Hamra. Its 6.8 acres include 13 buildings, with 70,782 square meters of built-up areas and 4,550 square meters of greenery.

The campus houses the Schools of Architecture & Design, Arts & Sciences, and Business, with offices for the Schools of Engineering, Nursing, and Pharmacy, and the Riyad Nassar Library.


Please visit the Facilities Management website for photos and details of the buildings.

The following facilities are found on the Beirut campus:

  • Library
  • 5 lecture halls
  • 16 studios
  • 14 computer labs
  • 17 academic labs
  • 58 classrooms
  • Writing center
  • Theater
  • Auditorium
  • Exhibition room
  • Dormitories
  • Recreational spaces such as a tennis court, a basketball court, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a cafeteria, a music room, 2 dancing rooms, and a cyber café.

Off-campus leased space is used for a few academic programs as well as administrative offices, centers, institutes, housing, and storage.

Byblos Campus

The Byblos campus is situated in the hillside Blat district, overlooking the ancient city of Byblos and the Mediterranean Sea. The 78.2-acre site has developed steadily since its inception in 1987 and currently hosts LAU’s seven schools.


Please visit the Facilities Management website for photos and details of the buildings.

The following facilities are found on the Byblos campus:

  • 2 libraries
  • 19 studios
  • 20 computer labs
  • 5 lecture halls
  • 74 academic labs
  • 44 classrooms
  • Writing center
  • 2 auditoria
  • Exhibition room
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Dormitories
  • Recreational spaces such as a cafeteria, a basketball court, a tennis court, a music room, a fitness center, a dancing room, and a cyber café

Other Locations

Executive Center at Beirut Central District

Spread across 600 square meters in the heart of Beirut, the Executive Center includes fully equipped classrooms, a conference room, a studio, a lounge and offices to create an optimal learning experience.

LAU Medical Center – Rizk Hospital

LAU’s expansion into medical education was buttressed by the acquisition of a majority shareholder position in the medical center formerly known as Rizk Hospital.

LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

The foundation was donated to LAU in August 2013. It houses historical artifacts, artwork, documentary films and a small library to promote respect for Byblos’ architectural, cultural and historical legacy.

New York Headquarters and Academic Center

A built-up area of 2,400 square meters in mid-town Manhattan accommodates fully equipped instructional resources, a library, a student lounge and offices.