Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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Graduate Studies and Research


The Office of Graduate Studies & Research (GSR) promotes graduate education at LAU. It is  committed to quality standards, leads the university’s strategic graduate planning activities, and provides sustained support and services to interdisciplinary graduate education and research  in the interest of preparing innovative and inspired graduates. It equips graduate applicants, students, faculty with the necessary resources and physical infrastructure to carry out successful, quality research programs at LAU.



The GSR Office provides graduate students and faculty with the support and necessary resources and physical infrastructure to develop a diverse range of research programs. It guides students and faculty with internal and external funding opportunities. In order to foster responsible research, the office communicates compliance policies and regulatory issues regarding the protection of human and animal subjects as well as research ethics and intellectual property. Further, the GSR Office aids the university community in grant development and data analysis.

Graduate Studies

The GRS seeks to create uniquely transforming graduate programs in focused areas that establish LAU as a regionally and internationally recognized institution for graduate education. These programs have a positive impact on business and the industry in the region.

Institutional Review Board

The Office of GSR ensures through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) internal oversight on compliance relating to the performance and ethical conduct of human and animal research, conflict of interest, and scientific misconduct. It also ensures the necessary assistance to faculty in promoting novel discoveries and associated patents and copyrights.


Samer Saab, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering – Interim Dean
Fuad Hashwa, Ph.D., Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology – Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies
Maha Siblini, M.B.A., Business Administration – Senior Academic Grants Officer
Gracia Zgheib, M.A., Business Communication; M.A., Journalism – Program Officer
Christine Chalhoub, B.S.Ch., Chemical Engineering, CRA, CCRP, CIM – IRB Consultant
Karmen Baroudy, M.S., Molecular Biology – IRB Administrator

Contact Information

For more information, visit our website or contact:

Samer Saab
Ext. 2365

Maha Siblini
Ext. 1978

Gracia Zgheib
Ext. 2547

Christine Chalhoub
Ext. 2546

Karmen Baroudy
Ext. 2546