Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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Tuition for Graduate Programs

Graduate tuition is charged per credit, except for the M.D. and Pharm. D. programs, which incur an annual fee. See also the full list of fees for 2018–2019.

School of Architecture & Design

Program Fee per Credit
Mutaz and Rada Sawwaf M.A. in Islamic Art & Architecture $842

School of Arts &Sciences

Program Fee per Credit
M.A. in Education $757
M.A. in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies $757
M.A. in International Affairs $757
M.A. in Migration Studies $757
M.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics $790
M.S. in Computer Science $790
M.S. in Molecular Biology $790
M.S. in Nutrition $790

Adnan Kassar School of Business

Program Fee per Credit
Executive Master of Business Administration $874
M.A. in Applied Economics $856
Master of Business Administration $856
M.S. in Human Resources Management $856
QBA (Remedial M.B.A. Course) $856

School of Engineering

Program Fee per Credit
M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering $865
M.S. in Computer Engineering $865
M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management $865

Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine

M.D. Program Fee per Year
New students (2018–2019) $32,837
Continuing students (2017–2018) $31,650
Continuing students (2016–2017) $30,430
Continuing students (2015–2016) $28,704
Continuing students (2014–2015) $28,704
Continuing students (2013–2014) $27,600

School of Pharmacy

Program Fee per Year Fee per Credit
M.S. in Pharmaceutical Development and Management   $756
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) $25,620  

Graduate Studies and Research

Program Fee per Credit
Executive M.A. in Actuarial Science $874


Description Fee per Semester
Doctoral Research Fees, Sciences $4,642
Doctoral Research Fees, Humanities $1,202