Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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SINARC welcomes students from across the world who wish to study all levels of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Lebanese dialect.

Students benefit from language immersion that combines pedagogy with practice. The curriculum also includes off-site trips and lectures that allow students to understand the cultural and political contexts within the Arab world.

The program has quickly become a top choice for Arabic language learners looking to not only improve their language skills but also to gain a true understanding of the region.


For the program offered in NY, short placement tests will be e-mailed to students upon receiving their applications to help determine the classes they will join. This student placement is however preliminary and may be adjusted after students meet with their instructors on their first day of classes.

Formal instruction in language is enriched by immersion in an authentic cultural context. Cultural activities include lectures on topics related to Arab and Lebanese politics, history, society, and culture, as well as documentaries on certain historical sites and events in Lebanon.

For the program offered in Beirut, placement tests will be administered the first day of classes.

Transfer of Credits

On the basis of student performance, LAU provides letter grades, which can be transferred to the student’s home institution for credit evaluation.

Once successfully completed, the SINARC credits will be transferrable to most institutions of higher education across the globe as per the following:


University Credits

Fall 14
Spring 14
Summer 8



Program Offered in Beirut

Fall/ Spring Semester

  • SIN101   Elementary Arabic (6 cr.)
  • SIN105   Lebanese Dialect, Level I (2 cr.)
  • SIN106   Lebanese Dialect, Level II (2 cr.)
  • SIN201   Intermediate Arabic I (6 cr.)
  • SIN301   Advanced Arabic (6 cr.)
  • SIN311   Arabic Language Writing Skills (3 cr.)
  • POL205  Middle East Challenges in the 21st Century (3 cr.) [Fall]
  • ARA322  Principles of Translation (3 cr.) [Spring]

Summer Term

  • SIN101   Elementary Arabic (6 cr.)
  • SIN105   Lebanese Dialect, Level I (2 cr.)
  • SIN106   Lebanese Dialect, Level II (2 cr.)
  • SIN107   Lebanese Dialect, Level III (2 cr.)
  • SIN111   Upper Elementary Arabic (6 cr.)
  • SIN201   Intermediate Arabic I (6 cr.)
  • SIN202   Intermediate Arabic II (6 cr.)
  • SIN211   Intensive Lebanese Dialect (8 cr.) (Requires sufficient enrollment)
  • SIN301   Advanced Arabic I (6 cr.)
  • SIN302   Advanced Arabic II (6 cr.)

Program Offered in NY

  • SIN101A   Elementary Arabic (Part A) (3cr.)
  • SIN101B   Elementary Arabic (Part B) (3cr.)
  • SIN105       Lebanese Dialect I (2 cr.)
  • SIN106       Lebanese Dialect, Level II (2cr.)
  • SIN111A   Upper Elementary Arabic (Part A) (3cr.)
  • SIN111B   Upper Elementary Arabic (Part B) (3cr.)
  • SIN201A   Intermediate Arabic (Part A) (3 cr.)
  • SIN201B   Intermediate Arabic (Part B) (3 cr.)
  • SIN202A   Intermediate Arabic II (Part A) (3 cr.)
  • SIN202B   Intermediate Arabic II (Part B) (3 cr.)
  • SIN301A   Advanced Arabic (Part A) (3 cr.)
  • SIN301B   Advanced Arabic (Part B) (3 cr.)