Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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Minor in Animation


The minor in animation will attract a significant number of interested students within LAU. The goal of the program is to enable students in general to produce advanced animated sequences. Students will be exposed to different techniques in animation. The program will distinguish LAU as a leading University in animation production.


The mission of the Minor in Animation program is to enable students to create advanced animation productions.

Program Objectives

A Minor in Animation seeks to

1.      expose students to local and international animations and
2.      equip students with advanced skills in animation design

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Minor in Animation, students will:

1.      understand emerging practices within the field of animation,
2.      analyze and apply critical thinking on animation,
3.      conduct visual and narrative research,
4.      acquire a comprehensive knowledge of techniques in animation, and
5.      develop evocative animations


A total of 18 credits are required to graduate with a Minor in Animation, distributed as follows:

  • Core Courses (8 credits)
  • Electives (10 credits)

Core Courses (8 credits)

  • GRA306 Sketching for Animation (2 cr.)
  • GRA307  Design for Animation (2 cr.)
  • GRA308 Motion Graphics (2 cr.)
  • GRA309 Visual Storytelling (1 cr.)
  • GRA310  Graphic Design (1 cr.)

Electives (10 credits)

  • GRA408  Digital Painting (4 cr.)1
  • GRA409  2D Animation (3 cr.)2
  • GRA410  Advanced 2D Animation (3 cr.)3

1 or GRA508  3D Modeling (3 cr.)
2 or GRA509  3D Animation (4 cr.)
3 or GRA510  Postproduction (3 cr.)