Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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MGT711 Strategic Management (Capstone Course)

[1.5–0, 1.5 cr.]

This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and strategy formulations.  It is a capstone course that requires student to focus on knowledge acquired from previous courses and to integrate them in a final project.  This project is intended to provide a culminating experience and an added value to the students’ learning process.

This capstone course focuses on the concepts of strategic management and competitive analysis to develop critical management skills within our graduates.  Emphasis is given to integrating concepts and ideas from the major business functions such as: Management, Marketing, Accounting, Analytics, and Finance to provide a comprehensive perspective on how companies are managed.  Topics and case studies will guide students through the process of strategic planning and execution, starting with the basics of setting a direction for a company and ending with a proper execution plan and monitoring mechanisms strategies.

Students not only will engage in current and upbeat strategic discussions but will also use the acquired knowledge and research skills and work as consultants to help a major firm in strategizing and achieving competitive advantages.  This will materialize through the completion of an appropriate special project.

Prerequisites: This course is a capstone course that integrates several business concepts.  Before taking this course, students are expected to have completed the following:

  • MGT751 Executive Leadership and Communication Skills, MGT727 Managerial Negotiations, ACC711 Accounting for Executives, ECO710 Applied Economics for Executives, FIN712 Executive Business Finance, QBA730 Business Analytics for Executives, and MKT711 Marketing Management for Executives.

  • 24 credits must be completed before registering MGT711.