Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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GRA499 Senior Study

[2–2, 3 cr.]

In this senior level course students develop their final year project based upon a previously approved topic proposed in GRA462 Seminar course. Emphasis is placed on students’ ability to translate their cumulative knowledge into effective visual communication developed by a team working in digital and print media. This course is taught through a multi-faceted in-depth design project, critique sessions, a series of juries and culminates in an end-of- year exhibition.

Prerequisites for print students: GRA411 Advanced Typography, GRA432 Visual Perception, GRA451 Graphic Design III, GRA455 Advertising Design, and GRA462 Graphic Design Seminar

Prerequisites for digital students: GRA432 Visual Perception, GRA462 Graphic Design Seminar, GRA482Motion Design, GRA484 Web Design, and GRA486 Advanced Interactive Design