Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS532 Fashion Design VI

[1–6, 5 cr.]

This advanced course directly relates to Fashion Collection I in the completion of a portfolio and fashion collection. This multi- disciplinary studio incorporates, design, pattern cutting, construction and accessory design whilst ensuring that the proposed collection retains the core values as set out during Fashion Collection I. Work undertaken is expected to further define individual students’ approach to fashion whilst adapting to new working methods in the pursuit of a collection that remains fresh to the eye. Focus and organizational skills are central to this intensive course in coordinating and producing a collection that typifies how the student wishes to be seen in a global fashion economy. At the completion of the course, students present their fully styled final collection, resolved portfolio with promotional strategy to a jury of academics and industry professionals in a formal setting. Students learn through intensive individual tutorials.

Pre-requisite: FAS531 Fashion Collection I

Co-requisite: FAS522 Fashion Entrepreneurship II, FAS523 Fashion Entrepreneurship III