Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS383 Styling

[1–3, 3 cr.]

The status of the stylist has shifted from a supportive role in fashion shoots to taking the helm of fashion publications and houses. This studio introduces students to the considerations required to make a successful stylist. This includes: the agenda of a shoot, whether concept of commercially driven, coordinating a hair and make-up team, set design, the model and photographer. An overview of magazines both online and print will be reviewed as a starting point to analyze types of content and features. Students learn through lectures, seminars, independent research and practical demonstrations.

Pre-requisite: FND236A Design Studio II - Visual Dynamics, FND236B Design Studio II - Formal Tectonics, or FND236C Design Studio II - Anatomy and Space, FND251 Digital Media, FND281 Design Culture