Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS361 Pattern Cutting I

[2–2, 4 cr.]

This studio introduces the core principles of pattern cutting at a professional industry level and its role in the design process. The requirements of pattern making include accuracy, using basic blocks and the correct way to annotate patterns as the starting point of this course. Demonstrations take the student through a series of exercises aimed at developing understanding of how pattern manipulation impacts on the silhouette and detail of a garment. The second half of the semester is spent developing individual design concepts from Fashion Design I and gives the opportunity to put into practice principles learned, including crucially how garments fit the human body. Through this process students will gain an appreciation of how interpretation from 2D ideas can achieve varied outcomes. Students learn through demonstrations, practical exercises and tutorials.

Pre-requisite: FAS250 Introduction to Practice & Process, FAS251 Thematic Workshop

Co-requisite: FAS341 Construction I