Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS342 Construction II

[1–3, 3 cr.]

This intermediate workshop introduces the necessary skills of working with denim and stretch fabrics and the specialist machinery in the construction of such garments. Students produce samples appropriate for denim and jersey with key elements including signature pocket styles, trouser openings, collars and topstitch. Crucial to success is the ability to sew with accuracy and care when handling a diverse range of fabrics. Sampling forms an important reference archive that builds on from techniques learnt in Construction I. During the second half of the semester students produce an outfit using patterns developed from Pattern Cutting II. This workshop further introduces industry production processes including lay planning and costings and technical specification sheets. Students learn through demonstrations, practical workshop exercises and individual guidance.

Pre-requisite: FAS361 Pattern Cutting I, FAS341 Construction I

Co- requisite: FAS362 Pattern Cutting II