Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS341 Construction I

[1–3, 3 cr.]

This workshop introduces the sewing lab and a variety of industrial equipment and machinery. The ability to use machinery with confidence and accuracy is essential to success for any new fashion designer; to understand appropriate finishing and construction techniques allows design ideas to be presented to a professional standard. During the first half of the semester students are given an induction and shown how to safely use the machinery in the production of samples. Workshop exercises cover a wide variety of sampling from the basic seams, zip insertions, the considerations of working with fabrics of different weights and properties through to the production of garment prototypes that are based on creative practice in Fashion Design I and Pattern Cutting I. Health and safety procedures and the ability to use machinery with care are essential requirements of this workshop. Students learn through demonstrations, practical workshop exercises and individual guidance.

Pre-requisite: FAS250 Introduction to Practice and Process, FAS251 Thematic Workshop

Co-requisite: FAS361 Pattern Cutting I