Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS251 Thematic Workshop I

[0–2, 1 cr.]

An invited fashion or textile designer offers this 1 credit workshop. In this workshop students consolidate and build upon working practices learned in the Introduction to Practice and Process course by producing sampling appropriate for an international fashion market. Students are introduced to fabrics for fashion through experimentation in 3D on the stand. Working with an industry specialist, students experience first—-hand how fabrications are taken to the next stage of the design process in the production of garments, accessories and concept pieces for a wide range of markets levels. This course is workshop based and independent study is a requirement.

Prerequisite: FND236A Design Studio II - Visual Dynamics, FND236B Design Studio II - Formal Tectonics, or FND236C Design Studio II - Anatomy and Space

Co-requisite: FAS250 Introduction to Practice and Process