Academic Catalog 2018–2019

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FAS250 Introduction to Practice and Process

[1–3, 3 cr.]

This course will give students the opportunity to consolidate creative and practical skills learnt in the foundation and build upon these to be fashion focused. As an introduction to the fashion design development: practice and process, the students will use drawing as a tool for recording and researching to evolve visual thinking and produce design ideas developed from a theme. They will produce a sketchbook with a strong emphasis on primary research and individual response and apply awareness of future fashion trends, relevant market forces and seasons. This studio course covers exercises and demonstrations, lectures, group critiques and self- directed study and location research.

Prerequisite: FND236A Design Studio II - Visual Dynamics, FND236B Design Studio II - Formal Tectonics, or FND236C Design Studio II - Anatomy and Space

Co-requisite: FAS251 Thematic Workshop