Academic Catalog 2017–2018

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School of Arts & Sciences


The School of Arts & Sciences stands at the core of LAU’s liberal arts tradition, and is home to the university’s oldest programs. Graduates from the School of Arts & Sciences are sought by diverse employers in all fields. Offering numerous degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the school strongly believes in the importance of reaching out to the community and practicing civic engagement.

Mission & Vision

The School of Arts & Sciences offers a rigorous and high quality education that emphasizes student research and inquiry while upholding the tradition of liberal arts education. The school strives to promote excellence in teaching and to nurture creative, scholarly endeavors. The school aims at developing informed citizens who will leave a mark as scholars and leaders in a complex world.


The objectives of the School of Arts & Sciences are to:

  1. integrate and synthesize knowledge across disciplines,
  2. encourage and foster research, discovery and independent inquiry,
  3. prepare competent, inquisitive, life-long learners and critical thinkers,
  4. inculcate an understanding of scientific and quantitative, as well as qualitative, principles,
  5. foster respect for diverse viewpoints,
  6. celebrate diversity,
  7. respond to local and global needs by modifying existing programs and developing new ones that are in line with the needs and requirements of the communities that it serves, and
  8. instill high standards of integrity and ethics in students.

School Administration

The School of Arts & Sciences has a presence at both LAU campuses, in Beirut and Byblos.

The school houses the departments of:

Furthermore, the school administers the:

The school is led by one academic dean assisted by three assistant deans, and the chairs and associate chairs of departments. The Dean is the chief academic officer of the school and provides leadership and supervision on all consequential functions that affect the progress of the school. The assistant deans work on school-wide functions and matters in coordination with the chairs. The chairs and the associate chairs provide leadership to the departments in order to enhance the quality and reputation of the department.


  • Nashat Mansour, Ph.D., Computer Science

Assistant Deans

  • Costantine Daher, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
  • Samer Habre, Ph.D., Mathematics
  • Iman Osta, Ph.D., Mathematics Education


  • Rula Diab, Ph.D., Foreign Language Education, Chair (Beirut), Department of English
  • Danielle Azar, Computer Science, Chair, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Sima Tokajian, Ph.D., Biology, Chair, Department of Natural Sciences
  • Jad Melki, Ph.D., Journalism and Media Studies, Chair, Department of Communication Arts
  • Iman Osta, Ed.D., Education, Chair, Department of Education    Acting
  • Marwan Rowayheb, Ph.D., Political Science and International Affairs, Chair, Department of Social Sciences
  • Paul Tabar, Ph.D., Sociology, Chair, Department of Humanities

Associate Chairs

  • Ralph Abi-Habib, Ph.D., Biology, Associate Chair (Beirut), Department of Natural Sciences
  • Nadra Assaf, Ed.D., Education, Associate Chair (Byblos), Department of Humanities and Communication Arts
  • Samer Habre, Ph.D., Mathematics, Acting Associate Chair (Beirut), Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
  • George Sadaka, Ph.D., English Literature, Associate Chair (Byblos), Department of English
  • Imad Salamey, Ph.D., Associate Chair (Beirut), Department of Social Sciences


  • Ms. Laila Ghorayeb, Senior Executive Assistant, Beirut
  • Ms. Nelly Abboud, Senior Executive Assistant, Byblos
  • Ms. Gioia Wehbeh, Assessment Officer

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Majors

Graduate Programs


Non-Degree Programs

* Pending completion of registration formalities with the New York State Education Department.

Contact Information


  • Ms. Laila Ghorayeb

Senior Executive Assistant, Beirut campus


  • Ms. Nelly Abboud

Senior Executive Assistant, Byblos campus

Staff office hours are 8 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m (during fall and spring semesters). If you are calling from outside LAU, dial +961-1-786-456 and enter the extension when prompted.