Academic Catalog 2023–2024

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School of Arts & Sciences


The School of Arts & Sciences stands at the core of LAU’s liberal arts tradition, and is home to the university’s oldest programs. Graduates from the School of Arts & Sciences are sought by diverse employers in all fields. Offering numerous degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the school strongly believes in the importance of reaching out to the community and practicing civic engagement.


The School of Arts and Sciences’ ultimate mission is to educate students, advance scholarly inquiry and contribute positively to the advancement of the common good. We fulfill this mission by

  • delivering an educational offer that is relevant, innovative and responsive to the exigencies of the professional and social environments in which we live;
  • preparing each student to participate constructively in the challenges of the future;
  • Nurturing the academic potential and emotional intelligence of our students
  • Promoting ethical and socially responsible scientific research;
  • Championing creative and artistic endeavor;
  • Establishing local and global partnerships with private and public enterprises
  •  Contributing to the sustainability of our economies, industries and communities through stewardship initiatives that involve faculty, staff and students.

This mission statement translates into a unique Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum and a suite of competitive and academically robust discipline programs. A shared goal for all our programs is to deliver education that is student-centered, locally-relevant with a global outlook, and of accredited international standards.

School Administration

The School of Arts and Sciences is located on both LAU campuses: Beirut and Byblos. It is composed of five departments:

Furthermore, the school is home to the:

The School is headed by one Academic Dean assisted by one Associate and two Assistant Deans and the Chairpersons of the five departments.

The Dean is the chief academic officer of the school and provides leadership and supervision on all consequential functions that affect the school. The School has its own bylaws which govern its operations in line with the Faculty bylaws and University policies and procedures.


  • Haidar Harmanani, Ph.D.    Interim

Assistant Deans

  • Rima Bahous, Ed.D.
  • Robin Taleb, Ph.D.


  • Dany Badran, Ph.D., Communication, Arts, and Languages
  • Nader El Khatib, Ph.D. Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Marwan Rowayheb, Ph.D., Social and Education Sciences
  • Sama Sleiman, Ph.D., Natural Sciences
  • Rony Khnayzer, Ph.D., Liberal Education


  • Ms. Laila Ghorayeb, Principal Executive Assistant, Beirut
  • Ms. Nelly Abboud, Principal Executive Assistant, Byblos

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Majors

Graduate Programs

Online Graduate Certificates


Non-Degree Programs

Contact Information


  • Ms. Laila Ghorayeb
  • Principal Executive Assistant, Beirut campus
  • Phone number: Extension 1105
  • E-mail:
  • Office: Nicol Hall 522F


  • Ms. Nelly Abboud
  • Principal Executive Assistant, Byblos campus
  • Phone number: Extension 2333
  • E-mail:
  • Office: Block A 815

Staff office hours are 8 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m (during fall and spring semesters). If you are calling from outside LAU, dial +961-1-786-456 and enter the extension when prompted.