Academic Catalog 2023–2024

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Department of Information Technology and Operations Management

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Majors


Faculty and Staff

Associate Professors

  • Dia Bandaly, Ph.D., Operations Management
  • Khodr Fakih, SJD, Business Law       Director of Legal Studies
  • Abdul-Nasser Kassar,  Ph.D., Quantitative Methods     Director of Graduate Business Online Programs
  • Jordan Srour, Ph.D., Operations Management    Assistant Provost
  • Abbas Tarhini, Ph.D., Information Technology
  • Manal Yunis, Ph.D., Computer Science     Chair

Assistant Professors


  • Ayman Khalil, Ph.D., Information Technology

Contact Information


  • Ms. Nuhad Karkuti, Lead Academic Assistant
  • Phone number: Extension 1356
  • Email
  • Address: Adnan Kassar School of Business, 15th floor/ Orme Gray, 5th floor
  • Website


  • Phone number: Extension 2355
  • Address: Frem Civic Center 4th Floor
  • Website