Academic Catalog 2023–2024

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Department of Communication, Arts, and Languages


The Department of Communication, Arts and Language offers a rigorous and innovative education through a liberal arts curriculum that balances theory and practice and embraces critical inquiry, creativity, and research. The department is dedicated to excellence in the production and diffusion of knowledge and the critical practice of literature, languages, translation, humanities, creative writing, communication, multimedia journalism, television and film, and performing arts. It aims to develop informed and civically engaged citizens capable of reflecting on the disciplines in the humanities as well as interconnectedness of local and global issues. It also strives to graduate ethical scholars, artists, and professionals in the various disciplines hosted by the department.

Degrees and Minors Offered

Faculty and Staff

Associate Professors

  • Rula Abu Araj, Ph.D., English Linguistics
  • Lina Abyad, Ph.D., Theater
  • Nadra Assaf, Ph.D., Dance
  • Dany Badran, Ph.D., Critical Linguistics    Chair
  • Luma Balaa, Ph.D., English Literature
  • Vahid Behmardi, Ph.D., Arabic Literature
  • Nuwar Diab, Ph.D., English and Applied Linguistics
  • Victor Khachan, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics   (on sabbatical leave throughout AY 2023-2024)
  • Jad Melki, Ph.D., Journalism and Media Studies
  • Raed Mohsen, PhD; Interpersonal & Public Communication, Dean of Students
  • Nada Saab, Ph.D., Arabic Literature

Assistant Professors

  • Andree Affeish, Ph.D., Translation
  • Sleiman El-Hajj, Ph.D., Creative and Journalistic Writing
  • Denijal Jegic, Ph.D., Communication
  • George Sadaka, Ph.D., English Literature
  • Gretchen King, Ph.D., Communication and Multimedia Journalism
  • Lina Khoury, M.F.A., Theater
  • Mahmoud Hojeij, Ph.D., TV & Film
  • Sana Tannoury, Ph.D., History

Senior Lecturers

  • Marianne Marroum, Ph.D., Comparative Literature


  • Reine Azzi, Ph.D., English
  • Reem Deeb, Ph.D., Music
  • Michele El Chemaly, Ph.D., Music
  • Nadim Mohsen, Ph.D., Philosophy and Cultural Studies
  • Samar Moujaes, Ph.D., Arabic

Senior Instructors

  • Evelyn Dabaghi, M.A., English
  • Deema Dakakni, M.A., English
  • Hala Daouk, M.A., Comparative Literature
  • Dana Eido, M.A., Comparative Literature
  • Tony Farjallah, M.A., TV & Film
  • Paula Habre M.A., English
  • Joseph Khalife, License in Musicology
  • Nermine Mufti, M.A., English
  • Therese Nasrallah, M.A., English
  • Gisele Pempedjian, M.A., English
  • Mona Shahine, M.A., English
  • ​Amelia Yussef, M.A., English


  • Maya Akiki, M.A., English
  • Nayiri Baboudjian, M.A., English
  • Tamara El-Khishen, M.A., English
  • Stephanie Farah, M.A., English
  • Carol Hanna, M.A., English
  • Volodymyr Panzhev, M.A., Dance
  • Maha Tabet, M.A., English
  • Deliah Taoum, M.A., English


  • Carla Farah, Senior Academic Assistant, Beirut
    Extension Number 1170 / Nicol 420C
  • Houry Gostanian, Senior Academic Assistant, Beirut
    Extension Number 1272 / Nicol 420E
  • Lara Ziade Salloum, Lead Academic Assistant, Byblos
    Extension Number: 2872 / Block A, 4th floor 711P
  • Fouad Anka, Senior Performing Arts Theater Technician, Beirut
  • Farid Boustani, Senior Studio Manager, Beirut
  • George Chdid, Senior Performing Arts Theater Technician, Beirut
  • Nicolas Daou, Senior Performing Arts Theatre Coordinator, Byblos
  • Sami Fayad, Senior Studio Supervisor, Byblos
  • Hala Masri, Senior Performing Arts Theater Manager, Beirut