Academic Catalog 2023–2024

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University Administrators

Former LAU Presidents

  • Frances Irwin, 1924–1935
  • Winifred Shannon, 1935–1937   Acting
  • William A. Stoltzfus, 1937–1958
  • James H. Nicol, 1941–1943  Acting
  • Rhoda Orme, 1954–1955   Acting
  • Grace Loucks Elliot, 1958–1959  Acting
  • Frances M. Gray, 1959–1965
  • Salwa Nassar, 1965–1967
  • Cornelius B. Houk, Feb. 1967–June 1967   Acting
  • Marie Sabri, 1967–1969  Acting
  • William H. Schechter, 1969–1973
  • Albert Y. Badre, 1973–1982
  • Riyad F. Nassar, 1982–2004
  • Joseph G. Jabbra, 2004-2020

Executive Officers


Michel E. Mawad, M.D.

President’s Office

  • Diane Nauffal, Ph.D., Assistant to the President for Institutional Research & Assessment
  • George Najjar, Senior Advisor to the President for Special Projects
  • Christian Oussi, Ph.D., Senior Advisor to the President for Public Affairs
  • Saad A.A. El Zein, B.S., Assistant to the President for Special Projects


George E. Nasr, Ph.D.

Provost’s Office

  • Barbar Akle, Ph.D., Associate Provost for International Education and Programs
  • Rula Diab, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Accreditation and Academic Operations
  • Jordan Srour, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Educational Resources and Innovation
  • Joe Tekli, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Strategic Planning and Academic Initiatives & Partnerships
  • Hussein Hassan, Ph.D., Director of Academic Compliance
  • Ghada Naous, M.S., Director of Honors Program
  • Mario Rebeiz, M.A., Director of Grants and Contracts


  • Gabriel Abiad, MBA, Institutional Advancement for Lebanon and the Middle East
  • Charles Abou Rjeily, Licence, Finance
  • Elie Badr, Ph.D., Business Development and Global Affairs
  • Roy Majdalani, B.E., M.B.A., Administration
  • Elise Salem, Ph.D., Student Development & Enrollment Management
  • Tony G. Zreik, M.D., M.B.A., Health Affairs

Assistant Vice-Presidents

  • Camille Abou-Nasr, B.E., Information Technology
  • Charbel Aoun, M.B.A., Human Resources
  • Michel Chahine, M.B.A., Finance-Operations
  • Abdo Ghié, M.P.A., Enrollment Management
  • Georges Hamouche, M.S., Facilities Management
  • Abdallah Al Khal, M.B.A., Alumni Relations
  • Nadya Mikdashi, M.A., Development   New York
  • Simon Sakr, M.B.A., Finance-Corporate Affairs
  • Salim Tannous, Strategic Communications

General Counsel

Nour Hajjar, LL.M.

Academic Deans

  • Elie Haddad, Ph.D., School of Architecture & Design
  • Haidar Harmanani, Ph.D., School of Arts & Sciences     Interim
  • Wassim Shahin, Ph.D., Adnan Kassar School of Business    Interim
  • Michel Khoury, Ph.D., School of Engineering
  • Sola Aoun Bahous, M.D., Ph.D., Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury  School of Medicine
  • Costantine Daher, Ph.D., Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing   Interim
  • Naser Alsharif, Pharm.D., M.S., Ph.D., School of Pharmacy
  • Samer Saab, Ph.D., Graduate Studies & Research

Deans of Students

  • Raed Mohsen, Ph.D., Dean of Students  Beirut
  • Jad Abdallah, Ph.D., Dean of Students  Byblos

Academic Officers

School of Architecture & Design


  • Elie Haddad, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

  • Sophie Khayat, D.E.S.


  • Chahid Akoury, Ph.D., Art & Design
  • Maroun El-Daccache, Ph.D., Architecture & Interior Design

Associate Chairs

  • Ramona Abdo, M.Arch., Architecture & Interior Design
  • Lee Frederix, M.Arch., Art & Design


  • Silia Abou Arbid, B.Arch., Foundation Program & Interim Director of the Fashion Design Program
  • Ziad Mawlawi, Ed.D., M.A. in Islamic Art Program

School of Arts & Sciences


  • Haidar Harmanani, Ph.D.   Interim

Assistant Deans

  • Rima Bahous, Ed.D.
  • Robin Taleb, Ph.D.


  • Dany Badran, Ph.D., Communication, Arts, and Languages
  • Nader El Khatib, Ph.D. Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Marwan Rowayheb, Ph.D., Social and Education Sciences
  • Sama Sleiman, Ph.D., Natural Sciences
  • Rony Khnayzer, Ph.D., Liberal Education

Adnan Kassar School of Business


  • Wassim Shahin, Ph.D.    Interim

Associate Deans

  • Ghassan Dibeh, Ph.D.
  • Salpie Djoundourian, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

  • Guy Assaker


  • Wissam Abdallah, Ph.D., Finance & Accounting
  • Ali Fakih, Ph.D., Economics
  • Maya Farah, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Said Ladki, Ph.D., Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Josiane Sreih, Ph.D., Management Studies
  • Manal Younis, Ph.D., Information Technology & Operation Management


  • Khodr Fakih, Ph.D., Legal Studies
  • Silva Karkoulian, Ph.D., Graduate Business Programs
  • Abdul-Nasser Kassar, Ph.D., Graduate Business Online Programs

School of Engineering


  • Michel Khoury, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

  • Caesar Abi Shdid, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

  • Dani Tannir, Ph.D.


  • Chadi Abou-Rjeily, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Jimmy Issa, Ph.D., Industrial & Mechanical Engineering
  • Mahmoud Wazne, Ph.D., Civil Engineering


  • Caesar Abi Shdid, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
  • Jean Chatila, Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering
  • Harag Margosian, Ph.D., Mechatronics Engineering
  • Pierrette Zouein, Ph.D., Industrial Engineering


  • Chadi Abou-Rjeily, Ph.D., Research and Graduate Programs

Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine

Interim Dean 

  • Sola Aoun Bahous, MD, PhD, MHPE

Associate Dean

  • Vanda Abi Raad, MD, MHPE, EMBA - Faculty Affairs and Development

Assistant Deans

  • Rajaa Chatila, MD, MHPE - Graduate Medical Education
  • Andre Megarbane, MD, PhD - Research


  • Vanda Abi Raad, M.D., Anesthesiology         Interim
  • Mohamad El Dassouki, M.D., Neurology         Acting
  • Chahine Assi, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery & Trauma​, Surgery
  • Jamal Bleik, M.D., Ophtalmology
  • Hind Rahban, M.D., Laboratory Medicine       Acting
  • Roula Husni Samaha, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Karl Jallad, M.D., M.B.A., Obstetrics and Gynecology    Acting
  • Daniel Mahfoud, M.D., Medical Imaging    Acting
  • Maroun Matar, M.D., Pediatrics      Acting
  • Andre Megarbane, MD, Human Genetics
  • Selim Nasser, M.D., Pathology        Acting
  • Rami Saade, M.D., Otolaryngology      Acting
  • Zeina Tannous, M.D., Dermatology


  • Nadia El Asmar, M.D., Clinical Simulation Center

Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing


  • Costantine Daher, Ph.D.  Interim

Program Director

  • Bahia Abdallah El Mufti, Ph.D.

Clinical Coordinator

  • Rita Doumit, Ph.D.

School of Pharmacy


  • Naser Alsharif, PharmD., M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Dean

  • Roy Kanbar, D.Pharm., M.S., Ph.D. Academic Affairs

Assistant Deans

  • Nibal Chamoun, PharmD., BCPS, Experiential Education and Residency Program
  • Lamis Karaoui, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS, Student Affairs


  • Hanine Mansour, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCIDP, Pharmacy Practice
  • Mohammad Mroueh, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • Aline Bou Maroun, Pharm.D., BCPS, Co-curriculum
  • Elsy Ramia, PharmD., M.P.H., BCPS, CPPS, Clinical

Graduate Studies and Research


  • Samer Saab, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

  • Walid Marrouch, Ph.D.


  • Ralph Abi-Habib, Ph.D., Sponsored Programs
  • Faisal Abi Khzam, Ph.D., RCP Director for Physical Sciences
  • Elias Akoury, Ph.D., RCP Director for Life Sciences
  • Zahy Ramadan, Ph.D., RCP Director for Social Sciences and Management
  • Joseph Stephan, Ph.D., Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Research Ethical Compliance

Faculty Senate

  • Abdul-Nasser Kassar, Ph.D., Chair  Beirut
  • Joelle Nader, Ph.D., Vice Chair  Byblos


  • Marie-Therese Mitri, M.S., Senior Director of Public Services, Research & Instruction
  • Hweida Kammourie, M.S., Lead Director of Collection Management

Student Development & Enrollment Management

Vice President

  • Elise Salem, Ph.D.

Deans of Students

  • Raed Mohsen, Ph.D.  Beirut
  • Jad Abdallah, Ph.D.   Byblos

Student Services Office

  • Aya El Mir, M.B.A., Director of Student Services, Beirut
  • Zeina Trad Barakat, M.B.A., Lead Director of Student Services, Byblos


  • Sami Garabedian, M.S., Senior Director of Athletics Beirut
  • Joe Moujaes, M.A., Lead Director of Athletics Byblos

Residence Halls

  • Assia Kanaan, M.Ed., Senior Residence Hall Supervisor  Beirut
  • Suzy Saba, T.S., Senior Residence Hall Manager   Byblos

Enrollment Management

  • Abdo Ghié, M.P.A., Assistant Vice-President for Enrollment Management


  • Nada Hajj, M.S., Executive Director of Admissions

Student Recruitment

  • Abdo Ghié, M.P.A., Director   Acting

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Ghada Abi Fares, M.B.A., Senior Director of Financial Aid & Scholarship Office (FASO)


  • Annie Lajinian-Magarian, M.A., Senior University Registrar

Outreach & Civic Engagement

  • Richard Sanyour, Leadership & Civic Engagement Coordinator

Office of International Services

  • Dina Abdul Rahman, M.B.A., Lead Director of International Services & Executive Director of MEPI-TL Grants