Academic Catalog 2017–2018

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GRA509 3D Animation

[2–4, 4 cr.]

This course is divided into 2 part. Part 01 covers the basic principles of animation, and provides students with the basic understanding of timing. Students learn the fundamentals of weight and its direct relation to timing. They also learn to animate basic bouncing, wave motion, and a simple jump. Part 02 students go through all of the steps involved in creating an animated sequence for a short film. Students work in groups to find a 10- to 15-second piece of dialogue to use for a short animated piece. Students go through thumbnailing the shots, blocking, posing, splining, and then polishing the shots.

- Embedded Workshop: Visual Effects. This course introduces students to the fundamental skills used in the Visual Effects (VFX) industry. Students learn basic compositing and how the VFX field integrates computer graphics and 3D components with live action plates. It includes comprehensive practical exercises which simulate current industry pipelines. Students have access to experienced mentorship for discussion and feedback.