Academic Catalog 2017–2018

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GRA508 3D Modeling

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This course covers the fundamental tools and techniques of character and hard body modeling within Zbrush and Maya. Students learn the importance of matching reference, and how to leverage reference to convey story ideas and contexts. Students examine the process of creating various characters and learn the importance of line flow for deformation and shape. Students study modeling tools, including lattice deformation, enveloping objects, character rigs, point pulling, and expressions. These tools are applied to a series of modeling exercises and assignments to prepare students for the industry production.

- Embedded Workshop: Rigging. Students work through the process of rigging a proxy character. Emphasis is on creating a solid skeletal structure, including position, freezing and orienting joints, and building on top of this. The end result is the creation of a proxy rig that students use for their later on animation course and assignments.