Academic Catalog 2017–2018

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GRA410 Advanced 2D Animation

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This course is designed to allow classically trained animators to gain a fundamental and functional understanding of two of the major 2D digital animation software: Flash and Toon Boom. Students work in a simulated production environment to create a short animated film in Flash. Special attention is given to the pipeline, specifically as used in studio production rather than for web application. Collaboration between students is encouraged. Following their short films, students learn more about the Toon Boom interface through an exercise in which they create and animate a character.

- Embedded Workshop: Effects Animation. Just as the animation course centers on character action, the Effects Animation course concentrates on animating the environment – features such as fire, smoke, water, and bubbles. Natural elements have their own physical laws to guide their actions and consequently require a unique discipline of their own. Students study natural laws through the use of stop-frame examples and put these techniques to use on their assignments. They apply the correct principles to perform animation tasks such as flame and smoke, water drop, explosion, bubbles, curtains, pixie dust, and water bucket.