Academic Catalog 2017–2018

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GRA408 Digital Painting

[2–4, 4 cr.]

Students learn how to create story-driven worlds through the interplay of characters, objects, and their environments. They enhance their color theory, design, and research-based skills through expressing the mood or theme of a script. This course culminates in the development of compelling environment paintings in service to story. The majority of class time is structured around digital painting and sketchbook studies.

- Embedded Workshop: Life Drawing. Life drawing is the backbone of any art-related field, and animation is no exception. Regular practice at life drawing improves artistic performance in all stages of animation production. Through gesture drawing students gain an opportunity to further their animation skills by focusing on what’s most important in the pose. Basic anatomy is the focus, along with exploring different elements of the human body and how they relate to each other. Students also discuss and practice additional techniques for improving proportions and simplifying gesture lines.