Academic Catalog 2017–2018

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Minor in Arabic Language and Literature


The Minor in Arabic Language & Literature aims to equip students with a solid background in Arabic language and literature and includes a focus on language, poetry and prose in modern and ancient Arabic literature. The program complements the students’ major study in fields such as English language and literature, translation, communication and education, and offers them an excellent interdisciplinary education and training, preparing them to compete for better employment opportunities.

Program Objectives

The Minor in Arabic Language & Literature aims to:

  1. provide a fundamental understanding of Arabic language and an appreciation for Arabic literature,
  2. nurture effective communication in Arabic, and
  3. prepare students for graduate program in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Minor in Arabic Language & Literature, the student should be able to:

  1. apply standard Arabic grammar to produce accurately written texts and oral communications,
  2. describe the different stages of Arabic literature from its origins to the present time, including the most important Arabic writers and literary movements,
  3. evaluate literary texts from the perspective of modern critical theories, and
  4. connect literature with life and use literature to understand oneself and one’s relation to others.


For a Minor in Arabic Language and Literature, a student must complete a minimum of 18 credits, distributed as follows:

Core Courses (9 credits)

Language (3 credits)

  • ARA303 Arabic Grammar & Syntax (3 cr.)
  • ARA304 Arabic Linguistics (3 cr.)
  • ARA305 Arabic Philology & Lexicography (3 cr.)

Classical Literature (3 credits)

  • ARA320 Pre-Islamic & Ummayad Poetry (3 cr.)
  • ARA323 Abbasid Poetry (3 cr.)
  • ARA324 Andalusian Literature (3 cr.)
  • ARA325 Classical Prose (3 cr.)

Modern Literature (3 credits)

  • ARA341 Modern Arabic Novel & Short Story (3 cr.)
  • ARA342 Arabic Drama (3 cr.)
  • ARA343 Modern Arabic Poetry (3 cr.)
  • ARA344 Trends in Modern Literature (3 cr.)

Elective Courses (9 credits)

The remaining three courses (9 credits) are to be selected from the BA in Arabic Language and Literature courses offered by the Department.