Academic Catalog 2021–2022

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Department of Social and Education Sciences


The Department of Social and Education Sciences is an interdisciplinary department with faculty committed to high-quality undergraduate and graduate instruction across the social sciences, including political science, political science/international affairs, psychology, interdisciplinary gender studies, education, and migration studies. We also offer five minors in conflict analysis and resolution, legal studies, political science/international affairs, psychology, and sociology; and two diplomas: Teaching Diploma and Diploma in Learning Disability and Giftedness. 

The department provides you with a rich variety of courses in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum and specialized coursework in the area of gender studies. 

Upon graduation you have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of paths in public or private intuitions in Lebanon and outside Lebanon. You can also apply for graduate studies in Lebanon, Europe and US.

Degrees Offered

Minors and Diplomas

Faculty and Staff


  • Sami Baroudi, Ph.D., Political Science
  • Mona Majdalani, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction

Associate Professors 

  • Rima Bahous, Ed.D., Applied Linguistics & TESOL
  • Ahmad Oueini, Ph.D., Education, Counseling and Special Education
  • Marwan Rowayheb, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs    Chair
  • Imad Salamey, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs
  • Ketty McGill Sarouphim,  Ph.D., Psychology & Education
  • Hagop Yacoubian, Ph.D., Education, Science Education

Assistant Professors 

  • Rudy Abi Habib, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Jasmin Lilian Diab, Ph.D., Migration Studies
  • Jeffrey G. Karam, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs
  • Myriam El Khoury Malhame, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Fadi Nicholas Nassar, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs
  • Diane Issa Nauffal, Ph.D., Educational Management & Policy, Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Zina Sawaf, Ph.D., Gender Studies
  • Pia Tohme, Ph.D., Psychology

Visiting Lecturers

  • Marie Anne El-Khoury, Visiting Lecturer of Psychology
  • Lina Abi Rizk Khoury, Visiting Lecturer of Social Work
  • Latife Reda, Visiting Lecturer of Political Science

Research Faculty

  • Morten Greaves, Education
  • Maria-Jose Sanchez-Ruiz, Psychology

Senior Instructors

  • Sami Garabedian, Senior Director of Athletics 
  • Loulwa Kaloyeros, M.S., Psychology


  • Maya El Hoss, Education Practicum Officer   Beirut
  • Dina Noueiri, Senior Academic Assistant           Beirut
  • Samantha-Joe Beyrouthy, Lead Academic Assistant  Byblos
  • Chantal Chaoul, Lead Academic Assistant  Beirut

Contact Information


  • Phone number: Extension 1648
  • Address: Shannon Hall 4006
  • Phone number: Extension 1981
  • Address: Orme Gray Hall 506
  • Website


  • Phone number: Extension 2481
  • Address: Block A, Office 804 A
  • Website