Academic Catalog 2021–2022

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FAS385 Textile Design

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This twofold studio course combines a comprehensive historical and contemporary survey of woven and knitted fabrics used in apparel with a study of textile science, covering the design and production techniques of protein fibers, cellulose fibers and synthetic fibers and their interaction with finishes such as dyes, pigments, muds and ochre. Students learn to identify fiber and fabric properties and to evaluate their performance. The yarn system, weaving and knitting as well as finishes - printed, painted, felted, dyed or woven patterns are investigated as sources for creative applications in fashion design. Students submit a research paper that analyses the methodology explored and techniques used in their projects, demonstrating the developmental phases of various experimental structural and textural outputs in the design and production of a textile piece.

Pre-Requisite: FND236 or FND237