Academic Catalog 2023–2024

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Minor in Data Analytics


The mission of the Minor in Data Analytics is to provide a quality education in the field that combines theory and practice for undergraduate students equipping them with the blend of skills necessary to engage in data-driven decision making and allowing them to enter the work force – as an employee or a self-employed person –  or pursue graduate studies.

Program Objectives

The Minor in Data Analytics aims to provide students with:

  • the skills to extract and formulate problems addressable by analytics.
  • both the design thinking and programming skills necessary to deal with different stages of data analytics.
  • a sufficient toolbox of methodologies to identify, select, deploy, validate, and communicate ethically appropriate solutions to analytics problems. 

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a Minor in Data Analytics will be able to:

  • clearly frame the relevant analytics problem statement and define metrics of success in the solution to the stated analytics problem.
  • identify, merge, harmonize, rescale, and clean possibly disparate data sources.
  • determine and apply appropriate solution strategies to a wide variety of analytics problems across multiple domains.
  • document and report findings in a way that integrates professional, ethical, and social considerations with the goal of better decision making.


For a Minor in Data Analytics, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits, distributed as follows: 

  • Core Courses (6 credits)
  • Elective Courses (12 credits)

Core Courses (6 credits)

  • BDA211   Introduction to Applied Data Analytics (3 cr.)

Students must choose one of the below courses:

  • BDA311   Data Driven Design Thinking (3 cr.)
  • BDA401   Methodologies and Model Building in Data Analytics (3 cr.)

Elective Courses (12 credits)

Four electives are to be chosen from the following1:

Department of Information Technology and Operations Management

  • ITM232  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Analytics (3 cr.)
  • ITM302  Data and Information Management (3 cr.)
  • ITM402  Business Intelligence (3 cr.)
  • ITM403  IT Project Management (3 cr.)
  • MKT488 Topics in Marketing: Market/Consumer Analytics (3 cr.)

Department of Communication Arts

  • JSC222 Digital Media Design (3 cr.)
  • JSC224 Social Media (3 cr.)
  • JSC314 Data and Society (3 cr.)
  • JSC434 Data Journalism (3 cr.)

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

  • BIF244 Introduction to Script Programming (3 cr.)
  • BIF524 Data Mining (3 cr.)
  • CSC206 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3 cr.)
  • CSC375 Database Management Systems2 (3 cr.)
  • CSC498 Topics in Computer Science: Data Visualization (3 cr.)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • COE418  Database Systems2 (3 cr.)
  • COE543  Intelligent Data Processing and Applications (3 cr.)
  • COE544  Intelligent Engineering Algorithms (3 cr.)

1 One of the elective courses can be BDA311 or BDA401 depending on the choice of the core. 

Students can register in ONE of these two courses since they are equivalent to each other.