Academic Catalog 2020–2021

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Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Social Sciences at LAU is one of the leading academic entities in the field in the Middle East. It is committed to excellence in teaching and research, student-centeredness, and serving of the community. It is an interdisciplinary department with faculty committed to high quality undergraduate and graduate instruction across social sciences. In addition to the degree programs, the department offers a rich variety of courses in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum and specialized course work in the areas of gender studies, legal studies, and conflict resolution.

Degrees and Minors Offered

Faculty and Staff


  • Sami Baroudi, Ph.D., Political Science
  • Paul Tabar, Ph.D., Sociology/Anthropology

Associate Professors 

  • Ian Grey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
  • Marwan Rowayheb, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs    Chair
  • Imad Salamey, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs
  • Bassel Salloukh, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs
  • Maria-José Sanchez-Ruiz, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Ketty McGill Sarouphim,  Ph.D., Psychology & Education

Assistant Professors 

  • Rudy Abib Habib, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Myriam El Khoury Malhame, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Jeffrey G. Karam, Ph.D., Political Science & International Affairs
  • Zina Sawaf, Ph.D., Gender Studies

Visiting Assistant Professors

  • Lina Kreidie, Ph.D., Political Science
  • Pia Tohme, Ph.D., Psychology


  • Michele Kelly, Ph.D., Human Ecology, Family & Child Studies
  • Elie Samia, M.A., Political Science & International Affairs

Senior Instructors

  •  Loulwa Kaloyeros, M.S., Psychology


  •  Samantha-Joe Beyrouthy, Lead Academic Assistant  Byblos
  •  Chantal Chaoul, Lead Academic Assistant  Beirut

Contact Information


  • Phone number: Extension 1981
  • Address: Orme Gray Hall 506
  • Website


  • Phone number: Extension 2481
  • Address: Block A, Office 804 A
  • Website