Academic Catalog 2020–2021

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Minor in Legal Studies


A Minor in Legal Studies trains students for a variety of professions as well as qualifying them to pursue a postgraduate degree in Legal Studies should they choose to. The program prepares students for careers in legal support and professions where knowledge of the legal order is required, such as law firms, business entities, courts, and public and private entities.


The Minor in Legal Studies supports LAU’s mission, vision and values in its commitment to education with a strong liberal arts foundation and a continuous improvement in the overall quality of teaching, research, writing and educational service. The intent of the program is to advance an academic understanding of legal affairs and introduce students to this field of study.

Program Objectives

The Minor in Legal Studies seeks to:

  1. introduce students to the field of legal studies,
  2. provide a legal studies background for students majoring in many disciplines, such as political science, psychology, social work, business, etc.,
  3. help students obtain a better understanding of the law and the multiple functions it plays in a variety of societies, and
  4. prepare students for the job market by adding a competitive edge to their majors through a Minor in Legal Studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Minor in Legal Studies, students will:

  1. apply complex system of law and regulations in different situations and contexts,
  2. identify creatively and independently major issues in legal studies,
  3. apply these skills to identify problems, conceptualize ideas and communicate solutions in various situations that emerge in the workplace, and
  4. interpret through legal reasoning different kinds of evidence through consideration of the concepts of rights and justice in any legal system.


A total of 18 credits are required to graduate, distributed as follows:

  • Core Requirements (12 credits)
  • Elective Requirements (6 credits)

Core Requirements (12 credits)

  • LEG201 Introduction to Legal Studies (3 cr.)
  • LEG202 Law & Society–World Legal Traditions (3 cr.)
  • LEG203 Laws in the Middle East (3 cr.)
  • POL201 Introduction to Political Science (3 cr.)

Elective Requirements (6 credits)

  • BUS213 Business Law & Ethics (3 cr.)
  • POL222 Comparative Political Systems (3 cr.)
  • POL231 Introduction to Human Rights (3 cr.)
  • POL321 American Government & Politics (3 cr.)
  • POL331 International Organization (3 cr.)
  • POL332 Public International Law (3 cr.)