Academic Catalog 2019–2020

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Minor in Photography


The Minor in Photography is an 18-credit program offered to all students at LAU and is of great relevance to the enhancement of the various major studies within the School of Architecture and Design. In this minor, students study analog and digital photography techniques. The history and theories of photography are examined while focus is placed upon conceptual development and aesthetic quality towards the creation of photographic images. Hence, the curriculum combines historical, theoretical, practical, artistic and technical studies in photography.


The mission of the Minor of Photography is to help students to further develop as leading creative artists and thinkers in photography, to acquire more professional skills and supply them with a framework of applied theory.

Program Objectives

A Minor in Photography seeks to

  1. offer an environment in which students can engage in creative activities and develop an aesthetic awareness,
  2. provide students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to create photographic images,
  3. teach various photographic methods and diverse approaches in problem solving through analytical and developmental tools,
  4. provide students with the fundamental skills needed to work within different photographic practices, and
  5. teach photography as part of multidisciplinary practices.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Minor in Photography, students will:

  1. recognize key historical and theoretical aspects of photography,
  2. understand various principles of photography,
  3. demonstrate the fundamentals of creating a photographic image,
  4. analyze the meanings and contexts of photography,
  5. evaluate the conceptual and aesthetic quality of photography, and
  6. create a body of photographic works.


A total of 18 credits are required to graduate with a Minor in Photography, distributed as follows:

  • Core Courses (12 credits) *
  • Electives (6 credits)

Core Courses (12 credits) 

  • FND201 Photography for Foundation
  • PHO330 Black & White Analog Photography (3 cr.)
  • PHO231 History and Theory of Photography (3 cr.)
  • PHO301 Studio Photography (3 cr.)

or PHO213 Introduction to Digital Photography (3 cr.). Note that FND201 Photography for Foundation is already a requirement for SArD students.

Electives (6 credits) 

  • PHO311 Digital Imaging Technologies (3 cr.)
  • PHO341 Architectural Photography (3 cr.)
  • PHO342 Landscape Photography (3 cr.)
  • PHO344 Fashion Photography (3 cr.)

* All required courses are offered every semester except PHO231 History and Theory of Photography that is offered on a  yearly basis.​ All elective courses are offered yearly.