Academic Catalog 2019–2020

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Continuing Education

Designed for the 21st-Century workplace, LAU’s Continuing Education (CE) offers courses, workshops and certificate programs to impart relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills in an array of fields, serving a wide variety of adult learners who seek professional advancement.

Its vibrant learning environment fosters both personal and professional growth.

Certificate-based programs are offered on campus or at the client’s location. CE operates a satellite office at the Safadi Foundation in Tripoli and a branch at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Zahle and the Bekaa region, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Saida. CE also offers professional courses at the LAU Executive Center at Solidere in Beirut’s central district.

For more information, visit the CE website.


Through building and constantly nourishing links with multiple communities of practice, LAU-CE’s mission complements LAU’s by providing state-of-the-art academic and technical training for lifelong learners in the form of courses, workshops, diplomas, and professional certifications, leading to the betterment of employment opportunities or improvement of job performance, reflected in both personal and professional growth, across Lebanon and the region.


LAU-CE aims to improve the quality of professional and personal lives by promoting knowledge, skills, and education opportunities through the delivery of impactful lifelong learning for individuals, companies, and communities.

Value Proposition

The Continuing Education (CE) marshals LAU by encompassing all schools in reaching out to communities for the purpose of adult education, professional enhancement, applied research and impact creativity. Through CE, LAU as an institution of higher learning is committed to community engagement on the broadest scale, in the interest of sustainable knowledge driven by socio-economic developments.

Core Values

Educational Excellence: in tandem with LAU’s vision, we provide a superior educational experience to our learners in terms of faculty selectivity, content quality, and service excellence.

Flexibility and Adaptability: we regularly update our offerings to reflect socio-economical changes in the marketplace. Additionally, we provide flexible solutions, schedules, and locations to cater to our learners’ needs.

Learner Centricity: we put our students first; we provide them with all the support needed, we listen to them and take their feedback seriously with the aim of enhancing the overall learning experience.

Innovation: we encourage innovation and creativity. We anticipate changing demands that might reflect on our courses in order to provide the most innovative learning solutions.

Social Responsibility: we collaborate with different NGO’s and organizations on many levels as part of our contribution to corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Program Clusters

  1. Professional workshops/programs intended for early-career or mid-career practitioners in specific areas where there’s market demand (on an open enrollment or customized basis), such as marketing, sales, accounting, computer technology, nursing, nutrition and food safety
  2. Certification and diploma programs in various areas for participants seeking paraprofessional qualifications beyond short-term workshops
  3. Partnerships with institutions in the community to serve particular skillsets, markets or geographical niches such as the Safadi Foundation, Zahle’s and Saida’s Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, and the Muhanna Foundation
  4. Associate diplomas and Diplomas in selected areas providing participants with formal paraprofessional qualifications that facilitate employment or transitioning towards a bachelor’s degree
  5. Aptitude exam preparatory programs catering to the needs of students bound to take college admission exams such as SAT, GMAT, , , IELTSS,
  6. Remedial academic programs meant to provide academically deficient LAU students with an extensive program to reestablish their academic standing
  7. Corporate trainins and programs tailored and customized to the specific needs of an organization, such as leadership and management development programs.

List of Courses

Business Operations

Accounting & Finance

  1. CPA104 Certified Public Accountant (CPA®) Preparatory Course
  2. Certified Internal Auditor (CIA®) Preparatory Course
  3. CMA102 Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) Preparatory Course
  • CMA - Part I
  • CMA - Part II
  1. Wealth & Money Management Diploma
  • WEMO100 Principles of Money & Trade Management
  • WEMO101 Applied Trading Techniques & Themes
  • WEMO102 The Trader’s Mindset, Discipline & Other Principles
  • WEMO103 Stock Market, Foreign Exchange & Commodities Nature & Return
  • WEMO104 Hedge Funds & Hedge Funds Strategies
  • WEMO105 Business Ethics Guidelines for Trading/Finance Professionals
  1. Certified Financial Technician (Technical Trading)
  2. Basic Bookkeeping Skills Workshop
  3. Budgets & Financial Reports Workshop

Sales & Marketing

  1. Professional Sales Executive Associate Diploma
  • PSED100 Effective Negotiation Skills / Tactics & Counter tactics
  • PSED101 Effective Selling Skills / Introduction to the Sales Process
  • PSED102 The Selling Attitude / The Right Selling Attitude
  • PSED104 Pre-Approach: The FABs Techniques / The Sales Call Preparation
  • PSED108 Trial Closing and Closing / Successful Closing Techniques
  • PSED112 Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  • PSED113 Media & Public Relations
  • PSED114 Body Language Techniques
  • PSED115 Overcoming Sales Objections
  • PSED116 Sales Proposal Writing
  1. Luxury Brand Management Diploma
  • LUXU100 Luxury Fashion Marketing
  • LUXU101 Luxury PR
  • LUXU102 Luxury Visual Merchandising
  • LUXU103 Luxury Fashion Buying
  • LUXU104 Luxury Brand Management
  • LUXU105 Luxury Styling
  • LUXU106 Luxury Journalism
  • LUXU107 Luxury Digital Marketing
  • LUXU108 Practicum/Speakers/Jury
  1. FAMA100 Fashion Marketing Certificate
  2. DIGI101 Professional Digital Marketing Associate Diploma
  3. CSEC100 Customer Service Excellence Certificate
  4. DIGI100 Digital Marketing Management Certificate
  5. SHOP100 Shopper Marketing Strategies Part I Certificate
  6. SHOP101 Shopper Marketing Strategies Part II Certificate
  7. E-commerce Essentials Workshop
  8. WORK110 Social Media in the Workplace Workshop
  9. Marketing Basics Workshop
  10. Strategic Marketing Management

Management & Operations

  1. Strategic Planning Associate Diploma
  • SPD100 Strategic Planning & Competitive Strategies
  • SPD101 Project Management
  • SPD102 Making Strategies Work
  • SPD103 Strategic Risk Management
  • SPD104 Corporate Governance
  • SPD105 Strategic Negotiations
  1. Franchise Management Certificate
  2. BULD100 Business Leadership Certificate
  3. Business Ethics Skills Workshop
  4. WORK100 Business Etiquette Workshop
  5. Change Management Workshop
  6. Knowledge Management Workshop
  7. Lean Process & Six Sigma Workshop
  8. Supply Chain Management Workshop
  9. Teamwork & Team Building Workshop
  10. Writing Skills Workshop

Human Resources

  1. PHRI100 Professional in Human Resources (PHRi®) Preparatory Course
  2. PHRI100 Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHRi®) Preparatory Course
  3. Human Resources Management Certificate
  • HRMD100 Advanced Recruitment Strategies
  • HRMD101 Managing Training Needs
  • HRMD102 Job Analysis and Job Descriptions
  • HRMD103 Behavioral Interviewing Skills
  • HRMD104 Job Evaluation and Grading System
  • HRMD105 Compensation and Benefits 
  • HRMD106 Succession Planning 
  • HRMD107 Counseling and Disciplinary Procedures
  • HRMD108 Motivation and Performance Feedback
  • HRMD109 Writing Policies and Procedures
  • HRMD110 Talent Management: Retaining your Talents
  1. COAC100 Professional Coaching Associate Diploma
  2. Generation Gaps Workshop
  3. Job Search Skills Workshop
  4. Managing Workplace Anxiety Workshop
  5. Safety in the Workplace Workshop
  6. Social Intelligence Workshop
  7. Social Learning Workshop
  8. Succession Planning for Family Business Workshop
  9. Teamwork & Team Building Workshop
  10. Train the Trainer Workshop
  11. Virtual Team Building & Management Workshop
  12. Workplace Violence Workshop

Soft Skills and Leadership

  1. COAC100 Professional Coaching Associate Diploma
  2. BULD100 Business Leadership Certificate
  3. Dynamic Public Speaking Certificate
  4. WORK111 Body Language Basics Skills Workshop
  5. Business Ethics Skills Workshop
  6. WORK100 Business Etiquette Workshop
  7. WORK109 Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  8. Negotiation Skills Workshop
  9. Presentation Skills Workshop
  10. Proposal Writing Workshop
  11. Risk Assessment & Management Workshop
  12. Supervising Others Workshop
  13. Teamwork & Team Building Workshop
  14. Time & Stress Management Workshop

Healthcare, Nutrition, & Fitness

  1. Professional Fitness Diploma
  • PFIT100 Human Anatomy
  • PFIT101 Exercise Physiology
  • PFIT102 Biomechanics of Weight Lifting
  • PFIT103 Group Fitness Classes
  • PFIT104 Nutrition for Health & Performance
  • PFIT105 Health Fitness Training
  • PFIT106 Athletic Fitness Training
  • PFIT107 Fitness Management
  • PFIT108 Post-Rehabilitation Training
  • PFIT109 Fitness Marketing
  1. FSC200 Food Safety Certificate
  2. Management of Dysphagia Certificate
  3. SDEF100 Tactical Self-Defense/ Family Safety Workshop

Fashion & Arts

  1. Luxury Brand Management Diploma
  • LUXU100 Luxury Fashion Marketing
  • LUXU101 Luxury PR
  • LUXU102 Luxury Visual Merchandising
  • LUXU103 Luxury Fashion Buying
  • LUXU104 Luxury Brand Management
  • LUXU105 Luxury Styling
  • LUXU106 Luxury Journalism
  • LUXU107 Luxury Digital Marketing
  • LUXU108 Practicum/Speakers/Jury
  1. FAMA100 Fashion Marketing Certificate
  2. Photography Workshop

Projects & Events Management

  1. EVEN100 Event & Conference Management Certificate
  2. PMI-PBA Professional in Business Analysis
  3. Design Thinking Workshop
  4. PMP100 Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Preparatory Course
  5. ACP100 PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) Preparatory Course

Engineering & Design

  1. Oil & Gas Governance Associate Diploma
  2. Revit Essentials Certificate

Computers & Technologies

  1. CISA100 Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®) Preparatory Course
  2. CISM100 Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) Preparatory Course
  3. DIGI101 Professional Digital Marketing Associate Diploma
  4. Block Chain Technology Certificate
  5. WORK110 Social Media in the Workplace Workshop

Administrative & Secretarial

  1. Executive Assistant Associate Diploma
  • Executive Assistant Professional Skills
  • Office Management & Computer Skills
  • Principles of Finance
  • Business Writing & Presentation Skills
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  1. Writing Skills Workshop
  2. Stress Management Workshop

Legal & Societal

  1. Municipal Administration & Finance Diploma (MAFD)
  • MAFD 100 Mod.1: Introduction & Legal Framework
  • MAFD 101 Mod.2: Administration
  • MAFD 102 Mod.3: Finance
  1. Non-Profit Management Associate Diploma 
  • NGO100 Structure and Governance in Humanitarian & Development Interventions
  • NGO102 Fundraising Trends /Process
  • NGO103 Non-Profit Communication Strategy
  • NGO104 Strategic Assessment & Planning
  • NGO105 Non-Profit Finance and Budgeting
  • NGO106 Proposal Writing
  • NGO107 Monitoring & Evaluation 
  • NGO108 Accountability & Learning
  • NGO110 Influencing Policy Makers through Advocacy
  • NGO111 HR Internal Policies & Procedures: Managing Staff & Volunteers
  1. Gender in Development and Humanitarian Assistance (GDHA) Associate Diploma
  • GDHA100 Gender Equality & Human Rights
  • GDHA101 Gender & Development
  • GDHA102 Gender & Emergencies
  • GDHA103 Gender Mainstreaming & Integration
  • GDHA104 Gender & Data
  • GDHA206 Gender - Based Violence (GBV) Prevention & Response
  • GDHA207 Gender - Based Violence (GBV) Holistic Care
  • GDHA209 Gender - Based Violence (GBV) Coordination
  • GDHA210 Women, Peace & Security
  • GDHA211 Women in Post - Conflict & Conflict Prevention
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Certificate
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Workshop
  3. Arbitration Workshop
  4. Business Law Workshop
  5. Commercial Law Workshop
  6. Contracts Workshop
  7. International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Workshop
  8. IP & Software Contracts Workshop
  9. Joint Venture Agreement Workshop
  10. LAW103 Lebanese Labor Law Workshop
  11. Legal Setup of Corporations Workshop
  12. Mediation Workshop
  13. Oil & Gas Contracts Workshop
  14. English for Lawyers & ILEC® Preparation Course


  1. PRES124 Preschool Education
  2. REM100 Remedial Program


  1. ENGL100 English Level I - Beginners
  2. ENGL101 English Level II Pre-Intermediate
  3. ENGL102 English Level III Intermediate
  4. ENGL103 English Level IV Advanced
  5. SAT100 SAT Preparatory Course
  6. GMAT100 GMAT Preparatory Course (Eng. 37.5 hrs Math 22.5hrs)
  7. GRE Preparatory Course (Eng. 37.5 hrs Math 22.5hrs)
  8. IELTS Preparatory Course
  9. English for Lawyers & ILEC® Preparation
  • Basic English for Lawyers
  • ENGL110 Pre-Intermediate English for Lawyers
  • ENGL111 Intermediate English for Lawyers
  • ENGL112 Advanced English for Lawyers
  • English for Lawyers ILEC® Preparation
  1. English for Healthcare Professionals (Pre-Intermediate)
  2. English for Healthcare Professionals (Intermediate & Advanced)
  3. ENGL113 Public Speaking Certificate
  4. Chinese Language for Business Certificate
  5. SPAN100 Spanish Language Certificate (Level 1)

Other Programs

  1. Summer Camp
  2. Corporate Trainings