Academic Catalog 2019–2020

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EDU748A Gender Rights: A Focus on Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and Economic Empowerment

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course focuses on education, health, and work and how they all intersect when discussing gender rights and gender-based violence. Students taking this course will acquire practical skills in integrating gender sensitivity into pedagogy and education policy, including links between gendered violence and education settings, as well as fostering an understanding of the theoretical dimensions of gender, inequality and access to education in development and humanitarian settings. The course also introduces students to the fundamental theories underlying sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and its intersections with gender. Students will be able to identify key public health priorities with regards to gender and SRH, in the context of humanitarian emergencies and development settings. The course also discusses practical skills for the implementation of effective, safe and ethical gender-sensitive economic development and humanitarian programs. Students taking this course will broaden their theoretical understanding of women’s role in the economy, will learn more about women’s economic empowerment program models in emergencies and development settings and better understand the links between women’s economic participation and gender-based violence.

Note: This course has been unavailable since 2016–2017.