Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature


The Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language & Literature enhances the tradition of liberal arts education at LAU, and enriches the diversity of disciplines and majors as practiced in distinguished universities. The program contributes to the strengthening of the bond between LAU students and the surrounding cultural environment in which the majority of them pursue their careers after graduation. Arabic language and literature, as an integral component of the  humanities, enhances the shared ethical values which are embodied in classical and modern Arabic literary traditions. The program contributes to the general process of developing citizens who will lead their societies at local, regional, and global levels.

Program Objectives

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language & Literature is to:

  1. give students the interdisciplinary background and expertise in analytical and writing skills that will qualify them for career opportunities in a variety of fields, such as education, journalism, publishing, translation and creative arts,
  2. prepare students for today’s interdisciplinary graduate studies programs in Arabic literature and language, comparative literature, Middle Eastern studies, religious studies, and
  3. give students wishing to pursue a career in high school education a level of literary and cultural proficiency that will qualify them for jobs in Lebanon, in the region and in western countries (assuming that the students also acquire the Teaching Diploma).

Learning Outcomes

Graduates in the Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language & Literature should be able to:

  1. receive intensive training in the analysis of literary texts that include poetry and prose,
  2. become fully acquainted with major literary trends in both medieval and modern times, as well as theories of Arabic rhetoric, prosody and literary criticism from classical, modern and post-modern perspectives,
  3. acquire a high level of mastery of the Arabic grammar and other branches of Arabic linguistics, such as philology and lexicology,
  4. demonstrate ability to write and express the outcome of their learning in a scholarly manner, and
  5. establish a solid ground for graduate studies in disciplines related to the culture, literature, languages and civilization of the Middle East.


A total of 92 credits are required to graduate, distributed as follows:

  • Program Core Requirements (39 credits)
  • Emphasis Requirements (13 credits)
  • LAS Courses (21 credits)
  • LAS Electives (9 credits)
  • Free Electives (10 credits)

Program Core Requirements (39 credits)

  • ARA303 Arabic Grammar & Syntax (3 cr.)
  • ARA304 Arabic Linguistics (3 cr.)
  • ARA305 Arabic Philology & Lexicography (3 cr. )
  • ARA310 Classical Arabic Rhetoric & Literary Criticism (3 cr.)
  • ARA312 Contemporary Literary Theory & Criticism (3 cr.)
  • ARA320 Pre-Islamic & Umayyad Poetry (3 cr.)
  • ARA323 Abbasid Poetry (3 cr.)
  • ARA324 Andalusian Literature (3 cr.)
  • ARA325 Classical Prose (3 cr.)
  • ARA341 Modern Arabic Novel & Short Story (3 cr.)
  • ARA342 Arabic Drama (3 cr.)
  • ARA343 Modern Arabic Poetry (3cr.)
  • ARA499 Senior Study (3 cr.)

Emphasis Requirements (12 credits)

  • ARA313 Creative Writing (3 cr.)
  • ARA326 Arab Civilization & Culture (3 cr.)
  • ARA327 Sufi Literature (3 cr.)
  • ARA328 Arabic Folk Literature (3 cr.)
  • ARA329 Travel Literature (3 cr.)
  • ARA330 Lebanese Literary Heritage (3 cr.)
  • ARA344 Trends in Modern Literature (3 cr.)
  • ARA488 Topics in Arabic Language & Literature (3 cr.)

Recommended Study Plan

Year One

Fall (16 credits)

  • ENG202 Advanced Academic English (3cr.)
  • ARA325 Classical Prose (3cr.)
  • ETH201 Moral Reasoning (1cr.)
  • LAS Arabic (3cr.)
  • LAS Electives (6 cr.)

Spring (16 credits)

  • COM203 Art of Public Communication (3cr.)
  • ARA303 Arabic Grammar & Syntax (3cr.)
  • ARA342 Arabic Drama (3cr.)
  • CSC2021 Computer Application (1cr.)
  • LAS Electives (6 cr.)

Year Two

Fall (16 credits)

  • ARA304 Arabic Linguistics (3cr.)
  • ARA320 Pre-Islamic & Umayyad Poetry (3cr.)
  • ARA341 Modern Arabic Novel & Short Story (3cr.)
  • PED211 Beginning Swimming (1cr.)
  • LAS Elective (3 cr.)
  • Free Elective (3 cr.)

Spring (16 credits)

  • ARA310 Classical Arabic Rhetoric & Literary Criticism (3cr.)
  • ARA323 Abbasid Poetry (3cr.)
  • ARA324 Andalusian Literature (3cr.)
  • LAS Electives (6 cr.)
  • PEDxxx Physical Education (1cr.)

Year Three

Fall (15 credits)

  • ARA305 Arabic Philology & Lexicography (3cr.)
  • ARA312 Contemporary Literary Theory & Criticism  (3cr.)
  • ARA343 Modern Arabic Poetry (3cr.)
  • Arabic Elective (3 cr.)
  • Free Elective (3 cr.)

Spring (13 credits)

  • ARA499 Senior Project (3 cr.)
  • Arabic Electives (6 cr.)
  • Free Electives (4 cr.)