Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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Minor in Physics


The mission of the Minor in Physics is to provide students with an opportunity to broaden and strengthen their educational credentials in physical sciences. It supports LAU students to complement their majors with a cross-disciplinary education in physical sciences. It will enhance future employment prospects and prepare students for advanced graduate studies where a strong physics background is useful. With the discipline and training that goes with a Minor in Physics, students will be better equipped to work on forefront ideas in science and technology.

Program Objectives

By completing the Minor in Physics, students will:

  1. Acquire additional knowledge in physical sciences
  2. Use multidisciplinary problem-solving skills that are valuable for a wide range of career choices
  3. Pursue a broader career choice, including teaching, industry, and research.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Minor in Physics should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate multi-disciplinary knowledge in physical science
  2. Acquire the skills needed to study various physical applications
  3. Acquire basic skills for analytical thinking
  4. Identify and solve problems in physical sciences


Students interested in the Minor in Physics must complete a minimum of 18 credits of the following:

  • PHY201    Electricity and Magnetism (4 cr.)
  • PHY202    Classical Mechanics (3 cr.)
  • PHY203    Classical Mechanics Lab (1 cr.)
  • PHY304    Mathematical Methods for Physicists ( 3 cr.)
  • PHY307    Thermodynamics (4 cr.)
  • PHY308    Quantum Mechanics (3 cr.)
  • PHY309    Thermodynamics and Quantum Lab (2 cr.)
  • PHY321    Introduction to Modern Physics (3 cr.)
  • PHY322    Modern Physics Lab (1 cr.)
  • PHY402    Solid State Physics (3 cr.)
  • PHY405    Statistical Mechanics (3 cr.)
  • PHY391   Instrumentation and Measurements (3 cr.)
  • PHY401   Instrumental Analysis (3 cr.)
  • PHY403   Polymer Science (3 cr.)
  • PHY404   Fluids Mechanics (3 cr.)
  • PHY411   Electricity and Magnetism II (3 cr.)
  • PHY413   Electromagnetic Waves (3 cr.)
  • PHY424   Introduction to Nanotechnology (3 cr.)
  • PHY450   Medical Imaging and Instrumentation (3 cr.)
  • PHY301* Classical Physics for Life Sciences (3 cr.)
  • PHY305* Modern Physics for Life Sciences (3 cr.)
  • PHY302* Classical Physics for Life Sciences Lab (1 cr.)
  • PHY306* Modern Physics for Life Sciences Lab (1 cr.)

Note: Only 9 credits from majors can be counted towards minors.

* Engineering students cannot take PHY301, PHY302, PHY305, and PHY306 as part of this program.

Courses will be offered on a rotating schedule.

Contact Us

For further information, you may contact:

  • Mrs. Hanan Naccash (  Beirut campus
  • Mrs. Alissar Elbakht (  Byblos campus