Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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WRK225H Meaning and Purpose Discovery

[0–0, 0 cr.]

Life Is Never Made Unbearable By Circumstances But Only By Lack Of Meaning And Purpose”. Viktor Frankl. Many times, you stop and wonder about the Meaning and Purpose of your life. Understanding the core of discovery is crucial for a clear path. Meaning and Purpose questions are always awaiting you to be discovered, answered, lived and actualized.  And if not discovered and acted upon, it will have an undesirable effect on your wellbeing and life processing. In this workshop we will be:

  • Exploring the means of Meaning and Purpose Discovery through Logotherapy, an approach developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search For Meaning
  • Correcting the insights about Meaning, Purpose, Values and Goals.
  • Evaluating what are the main elements for finding Meaning and Purpose.
  • Discussing the importance of Values in the discovery process.
  • Exploring values types and how to reach Meaning authentically
  • Evaluating if the process of Meaning and Purpose discovery ends.
  • Assessing your current purpose status