Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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WRK209H Ace your Interview

[0–0, 0 cr.]

With your imminent graduation around the corner, some of you are probably starting to look for great opportunities to enter the workplace. In fact, some of you may already be halfway through a series of interviews, which organizations carefully design to select the best-fit candidates among you. The trouble is, you simply aren’t told what to really expect…and that makes thing more complicated and borderline unfair.

This workshop will offer you insights on how real interviews are conducted, from both sides of the table. After completing this, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the most common types of interviews and why they are used.
  2. Analyze the STAR method is and how you can leverage it to ace your interview.
  3. Apply best practice that will help you leave a lasting impact your interviewers.
  4. Practice nonverbal techniques and tips to impress your interviewers even more.