Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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PRGR621 Waste to Energy Processes & Technologies

[2 cr.]


  • Part 1 - Fundamental principles of waste management, with particular emphasis on organic wastes. Waste generation and characterization, and techniques for waste collection, storage, transport, utilization (including recycling and recovery). Focus is on the application of engineering science to develop integrated waste management systems.
  • Part 2 - Waste-to-energy technology: mass burning & modular combustion, refuse derived fuel systems, anaerobic digestion, composting. Comparison and benchmarking of the technologies with respect to energy efficiency, environmental impacts, costs etc. Hazardous waste generation, producer responsibility and legislation.
  • Part 3 - Waste-to-energy projects implementation concepts: risk assessment (waste, energy and materials market, environmental protection & legal issues); implementation process including; feasibility, siting, procurement/ownership, financing, plant construction & operations.