Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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PHA523 Clinical Pharmacokinetics

[1–0, 1 cr.]

This course covers the application of pharmacokinetic principles for the rational design of individualized dosage regimen to achieve optimal drug concentrations, produce the desired therapeutic outcome, and minimize adverse and toxic drug effects. Examples are provided on clinical application of monitoring serum drug concentrations (e.g., aminoglycosides, carbamazepine, digoxin, lithium, phenytoin, vancomycin) and recommending dosage adjustment based on a medication half-life, volume of distribution, elimination rate constant and clearance, especially in patients with specific disease states (e.g., renal failure, burs, critical illness).

Prerequisites: PHA422 Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics

Co-requisite: Professional Year 3 status