Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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PHA444 Pharmacotherapeutics V

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This is the fifth in a sequence of courses that integrate the pathophysiology and therapeutics of diseases. The course focuses on the drug therapy of infectious diseases and their clinical applications. Emphasis is on the individualization and appropriate selection of medication a drug regimen considering efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics, monitoring parameters and therapeutic endpoints. Disease prevention and patient counseling are also addressed as applicable. Active learning strategies and in-class discussions are used.

Prerequisites: PHA210 Systems Pathophysiology, PHA211 Microbiological Basis of Disease, PHA313 Medicinal Chemistry II, PHA316 Dosage Forms II, PHA320 Physical Assessment, PHA398 Pharmacy Practice Management I, and PHA430 Pharmacology II

Co-requisite:  Professional Year 2 status