Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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NUR444 High Acuity Nursing Clinical Intensive

[1 (2 for 7 weeks)–6 (12 for 7 weeks), 3 cr.]

This course includes clinical practice and didactic content that focuses on knowledge and skills relevant to the care of patients with multisystem problems in critical care units.

Central to the clinical experience is the synthesis of health and illness concepts in managing critically ill patients, including oxygenation, perfusion, elimination, acid-base balance, fluid and electrolyte balance, infection, inflammation, immunity, intracranial perfusion, anxiety, family dynamics, and ethics.

Prerequisites: NUR342 Core Nursing Practicum III, NUR321 Health and Illness Concepts II, and NUR315 Health Care Research and Evidence-based Practice.

Co-requisite: NUR420 Health and Illness Concepts III