Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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NUR443 Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles Clinical Intensive

[1 (2 for 7 weeks)–6 (12 for 7 weeks), 3 cr.]

This course builds upon knowledge and skills from nursing, behavioral and public health sciences to foster heathy life styles and promote, preserve and maintain the health of populations. Students will plan, implement and evaluate health education and behavior change programs in populations as well as small groups, including the family and its members, and the larger groups including the community. Students will incorporate concepts related to health promotion, illness prevention, change, motivation, education, leadership, advocacy, communication, power, anxiety, culture and human diversity. Course includes didactic and clinical experiences. Clinical experiences are designed to enhance collaborating effectively with interdisciplinary team members, in community settings.

Prerequisites: NUR315 Health Care Research & Evidence-Based Practice and NUR342 Core Nursing Practicum III

Co-requisite: NUR420 Health & Illness Concepts III