Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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MEE732 Advanced Manufacturing & AI

[3–0, 3 cr.]

New technologies are introduced in modern plants (as 3D Additive printing and Nano scale manufacturing). Most manufactured parts in industry require different quality parameters. The requirements are often to achieve the better quality with the least time and or cost. For that end, new manufacturing methods are becoming more and more commonly used. The course is a focus on New / Advanced and unconventional  manufacturing .

Other innovative/new trend manufacturing methods which are having interest will be covered, as :  Nano  scale manufacturing (& sensors). Now that we lie in an environment where sensors are present in our daily life, industries are realizing the importance of Nano scale, and how it can become a game changing strategy when considering manufacturing at this scale, and the benefits associated with it.

Many manufacturers commonly agree that manufacturing will involve more and more 3D printing (additive manufacturing)   in the near future. Currently major aerospace & some automotive manufacturers use such technologies, but also becoming more common for other industries as well. Therefore, it will be important to learn about the combination of Additive (3D printing) to Subtractive (Machining) to achieve manufacturing parts that will achieve the optimum design requirements.

To help assist the complex process of new manufacturing methods AI (Artificial Intelligence, mainly fuzzy logic) will be introduced including implementation examples.