Academic Catalog 2022–2023

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LLM831 Legal Research and Writing (Capstone)

[2–0, 2 cr.]

Legal Research and Writing is a required course that teaches students the basic techniques of legal research, analysis and legal writing. The course is based on introducing case briefing, case synthesis and analysis through a series of research and writing assignments. Students will learn (i) how to research legal issues, frame legal arguments and analyze legal problems; (ii) how to use computer-assisted legal research including Lexis and Westlaw; and (iii) the American writing conventions for legal letters, memoranda, and briefs. The course will be taught in small groups under the supervision of the legal writing faculty and will consist, as mentioned above, of a series of research and writing assignments. This course should be especially helpful for students who are inexperienced in the use of precedent in a common law system.