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Interior Architecture Courses

INAR201 Architectural Drawing

[1–4, 3 cr.]

This course introduces the formal representation of architecture through orthographic projections and auxiliary drawings; proportion, plans, sections, elevations, isometric, axonometric, perspective and shade & shadows. This course will also introduce students to the various tools and techniques of technical drawing using pencil and ink.

INAR331 Design Studio III

[2–4.5, 5 cr.]

This course builds upon the theoretical knowledge gained in the foundation studios, through a concrete application of conceptual and perceptual analysis of interior design problems of small and medium scale. Issues of body, form and space are explored through design projects. The studio places an emphasis on the development of representational tools, specifically drawing, in translating ideas into architectural drawings and models

Prerequisites: FND236 Design Studio II, INAR201 Architectural Drawing

INAR332 Design Studio IV

[2–4.5, 5 cr.]

This course continues the process of spatial analysis and synthesis with emphasis on the communication of ideas through different representational models and tools. Medium-scale projects are studied, with elaboration of principles of spatial design. Case studies of canonical works may serve as theoretical background in the continuing development of a theoretical foundation. The elaboration of a complete set of architectural drawings for the final design – encompassing plans, sections, and elevations, in addition to models, will be expected at this stage.

Prerequisite: INAR331 Design Studio III

INAR351 Digital Drawing

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This course explores architectural applications in digital graphics, to develop architectural plans, sections, elevations, and 3D representations and details. The course will familiarize students with techniques of 2D drafting and 3D modeling through manipulation of geometrical and free form objects leading to the development of a complete project.

Pre-requisite: FND251 Digital Media, INAR201 Architectural Drawing

INAR352 Digital Modeling

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This course expands on the skills learned in digital drawing to reach advanced visualization of space related to design issues. The course will cover user-defined lighting and materials application in order to generate realistic 3D renderings, walk-through, parts in motion and other animation techniques while enabling students to explore new software and digital design tools.

Pre-requisite: INAR351 Digital Drawing

INAR371 History of Architecture I

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course surveys the history of architecture, from early civilizations until the 17th century. It covers Western and non-Western architecture within this time span. The survey explores the major architectural styles in Europe from Classical Greece to Baroque architecture, as well as the main traditions in Asia, pre-Columbian America and Africa. The survey will also cover developments in Islamic Architecture from the 8th century to the 17th century.

Pre-requisite: FND281 Design Culture

INAR372 History of Architecture II

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course covers the major developments in Architecture from the 18th to the middle of the 20th century, focusing on the development of Modern Architecture in Europe and its dissemination around the world. The course will cover the post War II developments and the growth of new traditions, leading to the momentous period of contestation of Modern Architecture in the 1960’s.

Pre-requisites: INAR371 History of Architecture I and ENG102 Academic English II

INAR373 Formal Principles

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course introduces the basic principles and formal concepts that constitute an ‘architectural language’, such as proportion, rhythm, harmony, hierarchy, as evidenced in architectural buildings throughout history. Spatial concepts will be analyzed and
would serve as a basis for an understanding of the syntactical dimension in architecture. In addition, the course will introduce  architectural precedents, drawn from a variety of historical sources, and will initiate students to spatial and diagrammatic analysis, which constitute an essential tool for the understanding of building forms.
Pre-requisites: FND281 Design Culture and ENG102 Academic English II

INAR421 Design Technology

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course will cover the integration of the various building systems (structural, mechanical and plumbing) in the design process. It will also introduce lighting, electrical installations, energy conservation and sustainable design, with an analysis of their impact on the design of interior spaces. Through weekly lectures and case studies, the course aims to give a comprehensive understating of the principles that underlie the construction and integration of technical systems and components in interior design.

Co-requisite: INAR431 Design Studio V

INAR422 Materials and Detailing

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course focuses on interior design applications and explores different finishing materials and construction techniques used in interiors with attention to problems of jointing, insulation, finishes, and their application to specific design problems.

Co-requisite: INAR432 Design Studio VI

INAR431 Design Studio V

[2–4.5, 5 cr.]

This course will build upon the knowledge acquired in the previous studios, addressing interior design applications in greater detail, by emphasizing details, materials and finishes in realizing a spatial “idea” in form. References from contemporary design serve as background in the continuing development of a theoretical foundation for design decisions.

Prerequisite: INAR332 Design Studio IV, INAR351 Digital Drawing

INAR432 Design Studio VI

[2–4.5, 5 cr.]

This studio is a comprehensive interior design studio in which students creatively synthesize site and program analysis, building technologies and systems, as well as coordination of furniture, materials and colors into a detailed design proposal.

Prerequisite: INAR431 Design Studio V, INAR421 Design Technology I

INAR441 Lighting Design

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This course introduces conceptual and practical lighting design techniques for interior design application. Lectures will cover the history and theory of lighting design, principles of sustainability, natural and artificial use of light as it applies to interior spaces. Students will explore fundamental design principles involving spatial composition, color, form, contrast, pattern, material, and texture in lighting of different interior spaces.

Pre-requisite: INAR332 Design Studio IV

INAR442 Textiles for Interiors

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This course is an introduction to textile design covering knitted, woven and nonwoven processes, materials, polymers, color usage and dyes, design and patterns. The emphasis is on residential and commercial usage.

Pre-requisite: INAR332 Design Studio IV

INAR443 Stage Design

[2–2, 3 cr.]

This studio course will explore scenography in relation to architecture and the spatial arts. It will address the wide range of contemporary practices from playhouse theatre to site-specific installations, to landscape art.

Pre-requisite: INAR332 Design Studio IV

INAR471 Modern Interiors

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This course provides an in-depth survey of major design styles and movements in the Twentieth century along with a study of related theoretical texts. The lectures cover trends and movements that affected the development of interior architecture around the world, from modernism to post-modernism and more recent trends.  Essential theoretical texts are also studied.

Prerequisite: FND281 Design Culture and ENG102 Academic English II

INAR480 Topics in Interior Architecture

[3–0, 3 cr.]

This series of courses deals with specific topics of current importance that are not covered in the regular Interior Architecture and Design curriculum. The topics and themes dealt with will vary depending on contemporary problematics with the purpose of enriching students’ exposure to these issues. Every course in this series will be assigned a subtitle once the theme has been defined and listed in the course offering.

Prerequisite: INAR332 Interior Design Studio IV

INAR481 Construction Documents

[2–4, 4 cr.]

This course consists of a preparation of a detailed set of working drawings for the execution of an interior design project, beginning with the architectural plans with details at appropriate scale, to the electrical and mechanical plans, furniture plans, finishing and construction details, in addition to a basic overview of the design codes applied regionally and internationally.

Co-requisite: INAR432 Design Studio VI

INAR501 Internship

[0–200, 2 cr.]

This course is an introduction to professional practice, with introductory lectures that outline the basics of job search, applications, and practical training, to be followed by a documented practical experience (200 work hours) in a professional firm, approved by the department.

Pre-requisite: INAR432 Design Studio VI

INAR502 Internship

[9 cr.]

This course is an introduction to professional practice, with introductory lectures that outline the basics of job search, applications, and practical training, to be followed by a documented practical experience (200 work hours) in a professional firm, approved by the department.
Prerequisite: INAR531 Design Studio VII
Passing Grade: P

INAR531 Design Studio VII

[2–6, 6 cr.]

This course will further address the application of technology in design, through creative detailing of spatial design components, interior furniture and other fixtures of design as part of the design process. This studio will focus on the detail as an extension of the theoretical tools of ideation and conceptualization. These investigations, through detailing, will normally involve a particular attention to construction techniques and a further development of the knowledge of materials and finishes.

Prerequisites: INAR432 Design Studio VI, INAR481 Construction Documents

INAR541 Furniture Design

[2–0, 2 cr.]

This course is a survey of the major changes in the design of furniture, from the period of late Renaissance and Rococo, to the Styles Period of the 18th and 19th centuries, Arts and Crafts, and modern and contemporary furniture design. The survey also covers the different technologies and transformations in design processes.

Pre-requisite: INAR332 Design Studio IV

INAR582 Professional Practice

[2–0, 2 cr.]

This course introduces the business aspects of the interior design practice through the exploration of the financial, legal and managerial aspects, such as contract negotiations, marketing design services and managing client/contractor relationships, with an introduction to economic and management principles of design projects, financing, cost-estimate and budgeting.

Pre-requisite: INAR432 Design Studio VI

INAR591 International Studio

[1–4, 3 cr.]

This course involves a study abroad covering the specific works of classical or modern architecture, supported by a preparatory series of lectures/presentations on the subject of study. Students are required to study, analyze and document specific works including their relationship to the urban history and culture of the area, which will be presented in a portfolio.

Prerequisite: INAR432 Design Studio VI