Academic Catalog 2020–2021

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Minor in Audiovisual Production


The Minor in Audiovisual Production introduces students from any major to the profession of audio, video, and film production and provides basic, intermediate, and advanced media production competencies that complement various majors and specialties.


The Minor in Audiovisual Production reflects LAU’s liberal arts and sciences and its commitment to “academic excellence, student centeredness, civic engagement the education of the whole person, and the formation of leaders in a diverse world” as stated in the university’s mission. It is an excellent complement to the BA in Television and Film and the BA in Multimedia Journalism, as well as the BA in Performing Arts and the BA in Communication, offering students in Television and Film and Multimedia Journalism an extra specialty and professional skills in audiovisual production, and those not interested in a full BA in Television and Film or Multimedia Journalism but passionate about learning audiovisual production skills that complement many professions in the contemporary hyper-mediated world. 

Program Objectives

A Minor in Audiovisual Production prepares students to

  1. develop an appreciation of the professional aspects of audiovisual production, and
  2. gain technical and skill-based competencies of audiovisual production

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Minor in Audiovisual Production, students will

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the functions and roles of a production environment,
  2. adapt to trends and technological developments in the field, and
  3. produce original media content that reflects a variety of voices, ideas, and traditions through team work.


A total of 18 credits are required to graduate with a Minor in Audiovisual Production, distributed as follows:

  • Core Courses (6 credits)
  • Electives (12 credits)

Core Courses (6 credits) 

  • TVF222  Introduction to Audiovisual Media (3 cr.)
  • TVF235  TV Production Principles (3 cr.)

Electives (12 credits) 

  • TVF310  TV and Film Workshop (3 cr.)
  • TVF317  Editing (3 cr.)
  • TVF318  Sound for Film (3 cr.)
  • TVF322  Visual Effects (3 cr.)
  • TVF421  Documentary Film (3 cr.)
  • TVF441  Cinematography (3 cr.)
  • TVF445  Advanced Cinematography (3 cr.)
  • JSC232   Photojournalism (3 cr.)
  • JSC332   Broadcast Journalism (3 cr.)
  • JSC432   Multimedia Feature (3 cr.)
  • JSC436   Journalism Workshop (3 cr.)
  • PFA317  Recording and Sound Reinforcement Techniques (3 cr.)
  • PFA318  Writing Music for Visual Media (3 cr.)