Academic Catalog 2020–2021

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LL.M. in Business Law


The LL.M. program at the Lebanese American University is only offered for practicing attorneys and law school graduates who have earned a degree in law. It provides graduate students advanced knowledge in the areas of Legal Ethics, Legal research and writing, Accounting and Finance for Lawyers.

Program Objectives

The overarching goal of the new curricular plan is to empower our graduates to adapt to and master the challenges of the changing world and pursue a continuing education in the field of law.


Students must complete a total of 30 credits to graduate, distributed as follows:

  • Core Requirements (9 credits)
  • Elective Courses (21 credits)

Core Requirements (9 credits):

  • LLM813 Legal Ethics (3 cr.)
  • LLM823 Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (3 cr.)
  • LLM831 Legal Research and Writing (Capstone) (3 cr.)

Elective Courses (21 credits):

  • LLM845 Corporate Finance Laws and Regulations (3 cr.)
  • LLM846 Corporate Governance (3 cr.)
  • LLM852 Family Business and Offices (3 cr.)
  • LLM853 Secured Transactions (2 cr.)
  • LLM854 International Financial and Banking Regulations (3 cr.)
  • LLM855 Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructurings (3 cr.)
  • LLM856 International Intellectual Property (3 cr.)
  • LLM861 International Courts and Processes (3 cr.)
  • LLM865 Law of Mergers and Acquisitions (3 cr.)
  • LLM866 International Trade (3 cr.)
  • LLM872 Islamic Banking and Finance (3 cr.)
  • LLM875 Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (3 cr.)
  • LLM876 Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 cr.)
  • LLM877 Negotiation (3cr.)
  • LLM880 Topics in Business Law (3cr.)
  • LLMxxx Project in Business Law (3cr.)
  • LLMxxx Thesis (6cr.)
  • LLMxxx Internship (3cr.)

Contact Information

For all inquiries, contact:

Dr. Khodr Fakih
Program Director

Phone: +961 1 786456, extension 1534