Academic Catalog 2020–2021

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HST231 History of Lebanon—from the Imarah to the 1975-1990 War

[3–0, 3 cr.]

Tracing the history of Lebanon from the rise of the Imarah to the 1989 Ta’if agreement, this course focuses on the formation of the Lebanese polity and identity and its place in the wider Arab world. It may deal with pivotal figures such as Fakhr Ed-Deen and Emir Bachir, the role of the Maronites and their relations with France and the Vatican, the Ottoman period, the impact of the Tanzimat and the rise of the Mutasarrifiya. Key events and developments in the 20th century include the First World War, the French Mandate, Lebanese independence in 1943, the National Pact, the 1958 events, and the 1975-1990 War. How could the initial years of prosperity lead to the outbreak of war in 1975? The interaction between internal factions and communities and outside powers will be emphasized.