Department of Humanities


The Lebanese American University, being explicitly committed to “embracing liberal arts in all curricula”, offers through the Department of Humanities a number of courses to fulfill Freshman Arts requirements and a rich variety of required and elective courses for the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum. 

Degrees and Programs Offered

The Department of Humanities currently offers a:

Faculty & Staff


  • Deringil, Selim, Ph.D., History
  • Zeitouni, Latif, Ph.D., Arabic

Associate Professors

  • Abdo, Antoine, Ph.D., Arabic
  • Behmardi, Vahid, Ph.D., Arabic,
  • Habib, Malik, Ph.D., Philosophy
  • Khuri, Richard, Ph.D., Philosophy

Assistant Professors

  • Daccache El-Amyouni , Nidale, Ph.D., Arabic
  • El-Ali, Rami, Ph.D., Philosophy (Visiting)
  • Saab, Nada, Ph.D., Arabic


  • Moujaes, Samar. Ph.D., Arabic

Senior Instructors

  • Prescott-Decie, Brian, M.A., Education


  • Mohsen, Nadim, M.A., D.E.A
  • Sarkis, Pierre, M.A, History

Contact Information


Extension: 1104
Nicol Hall Building 102E


Elisabeth Adrian Hardan
Lead Academic Assistant-Byblos campus
Extension 2872
Office: Block A, Level 7


Minor in Arabic Language and Literature

Program Outcomes 

Students who complete the Minor in Arabic Language and Literature will:

  1. Communicate effectively in Arabic
  2. Demonstrate an appreciation for the Arabic language and literature
  3. Be prepared for graduate programs in Arabic or Middle Eastern studies


The Minor in Arabic Language and Literature requires six courses (18 credits). Three of these courses must be selected from each of the three categories: language, classical literature and modern literature.

The language course can be selected from the following:

Number Title Cr.
ARA 303 Arabic Grammar and Syntax
ARA 304 Arabic Linguistics
ARA 305 Arabic Philology and Lexicography 3

The classical literature course can be selected from the following:

Number Title Cr.
ARA 320 Pre-Islamic and Umayyad Poetry 3
ARA 323 Abbasid Poetry 3
ARA 324 Andalusian Literature 3
ARA 325 Classical Prose 3

The modern literature course can be selected from the following:

Number Title Cr.
ARA 341        Modern Arabic Novel and Short Story     3
ARA 342 Arabic Drama 3
ARA 343 Modern Arabic Poetry 3
ARA 344 Trends in Modern Literature 3

The remaining three courses are to be selected from the BA in Arabic Language and Literature courses offered by the Department.


Minor in Philosophy

Program Objectives

  1. Teach students how to clearly understand and formulate arguments in philosophy and other domains.
  2. Foster a moral outlook in students with the aim of allowing them to negotiate life and career situations responsibly.
  3. Provide students with the resources to understand their major area of study critically and reflectively.

Learning Outcomes 

Students completing this minor will: 

  1. Demonstrate a basic familiarity with philosophical ideas and the different domains of philosophy.
  2. Write and speak in a persuasive manner, with an emphasis on formulating and critiquing arguments. 
  3. Assess everyday and workplace situations from a moral perspective.          



Six courses (18 credits) are required for the minor. They are: 

Logic/Ethics Requirement (3 credits minimum) 

Number Title Cr.
PHL 211 Symbolic Logic 3
PHL 301 Ethics  3

History Requirement (3 credits minimum) 

Number             Title     Cr.
PHL 201 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHL 202 Medieval Philosophy 3
PHL 203 Early Modern Philosophy 3
PHL 204 Modern Philosophy 3
PHL 328 Arab and Islamic Philosophy 3

Elective Requirement (12 credits minimum)

Number       Title Cr.
PHL 210 Critical and Creative Thinking 3
PHL 211 Symbolic Logic 3
PHL 201 Ancient Philosophy: From the Pre-Socratics to the Epicureans and the Stoics 3
PHL 202  Medieval Philosophy: From Plotinus to Ockham 3
PHL 203 Early Modern Philosophy: From Montaigne to Kant 3
PHL 204 Modern Philosophy: From Hegel to Heidegger and/or Frege to Wittgenstein 3
PHL 301 Ethics 3
PHL 302 Theory of Knowledge 3
PHL 303 Metaphysics 3
PHL 311 Philosophy of Religion 3
PHL 321 Philosophy of Art 3
PHL 322 Philosophy in Literature and Film 3
PHL 323 Philosophy of History 3
PHL 324 Philosophy of Science 3
PHL 325 Philosophy of Mind 3
PHL326 Social and Political Philosophy 3
PHL327 Philosophy and Mythology 3
PHL328 Arab and Islamic Philosophy 3
PHL350a Individual Philosopher 3
PHL350b Individual Philosopher 3



Last modified: May 13, 2019