Department of English


In Fall 2014, the Department of English became an independent Department at the Lebanese American University and houses a renewed B.A. Program in English with a new track in professional creative writing and a minor in English. It also houses a Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) of both language and literature courses, which gives the Department a strong liberal arts profile. In addition, the Department of English acts as the major service Department of the University by offering academic English language courses, ranging from intensive and remedial to advanced levels, for the entire University community.

We operate on the two campuses of the Lebanese American University, in Beirut and in Byblos, although the B.A. Program in English is offered in Beirut only.

The mission of the Department of English at LAU is to provide students with strong communication skills in spoken and written English, and to provide independent, cultural, and creative competence to meet the increasing challenges of educational, academic, media and other professional workplaces.

Students who graduate from our program will be prepared for professional creative writing and field-related careers, as well as for graduate programs in English Studies, Comparative Literature, and other interdisciplinary fields, in Lebanon and abroad.

For this reason, the Department of English works closely together with the B.A. Programs in Translation, Arabic, History, Philosophy, and Communication Arts so that students broaden their horizons through elective courses.

Degrees and Minors Offered

  • B.A. in English 
  • Minor in English 

Faculty & Staff


  • Aghacy, Samira, Ph.D., English
  • Bacha, Nahla, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Acting Chair)

Associate Professors

  • Aercke, Kristiaan, Ph.D., Comparative Literature (Acting Associate Chair)
  • Badran, Dany, Ph.D., English Studies and Critical Linguistics
  • Balaa, Luma, Ph.D., English Studies
  • Diab, Rula, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics/TEFL
  • Ghosn, Irma, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics
  • Khashan, Victor, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics
  • Marroum, Marianne, Ph.D., Comparative Literature

Assistant Professors

  • Abbouchi, Jenine, Ph.D., Comparative Literature
  • Assaf, Nadra, Ed.D., Education
  • Diab, Nuwar, Ed.D., Applied Linguistics and TESOL
  • Haraty, Nabelah, Ed.D., Education


  • Houssari, Ibrahim, Ed.D., Applied Linguistics
  • Sadaka, George, Ph.D., English Literature
  • Vassilenko, Larissa, Ed.D., Education

Senior Instructors

  • Acra, Usama, M.A., Speech and Interpersonal Communication
  • Habre, Paula, M.A., TEFL
  • Hage, Nermine, M.A., TEFL
  • Nasrallah, Therese, M.S., English/Applied Linguistics
  • Shahine, Mona, M.A., TEFL


  • Azzi, Reine, M.A., European Humanities/English emphasis
  • Chatila, Evelyn, M.A., Education/TESOL
  • Dakakni, Deema, M.A., Education/TESOL
  • Dasouki, Suhail, M.B.A. B.A. English language and literature
  • Eido, Dana, M.A., Comparative Literature
  • Ibrahim, Raghida, M.A., Comparative Literature
  • Makarem, Wassilia, M.A., English Literature
  • Pempedjian, Giselle, M.S., Educational Leadership/English
  • Rahme, Suraya, M.A., TESOL
  • Shami, Samira, M.A., TEFL
  • Yusuf, Amy, M.A., English Language

Assistant Instructors

  • Salman, Nabil


  • Carla Farah, Senior Academic Assistant - Beirut
  • Elisabeth Adrian Hardan, Lead Academic Assistant - Byblos 

Contact Information


Ms. Carla Farah
Senior Academic Assistant, Beirut campus
Extension 1170
Office: Nicole Hall 201 F


Elisabeth Adrian Hardan
Lead Academic Assistant-Byblos campus
Extension 2872
Office: Block A, Level 7


Last modified: September 26, 2017