General University Requirements

Note: Students admitted as of fall 2007 must follow the new Liberal Arts Curriculum instead of the GUR. This page is maintained for reference purposes.

The general university requirements are a balanced set of courses in general education for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees. Some courses are for freshmen and are not required of entering sophomores. Transfer students must fulfill the course requirements on every level unless they receive credits for similar courses completed at their former institutions.

General University Requirements (for continuing students)

Number Course Cr
STA202 Applied Statistics2 3
HLT201 Basic Health 1
PED2xx Physical Education 1
CSC201 Computer Applications2,3 1
CST201 Cultural Studies I 3
CST202 Cultural Studies II 3
CST301 Cultural Studies III 3
ENG202 Sophomore Rhetoric 3
ENG203 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3
ARA201 Appreciation of Arabic Literature1 3
Three Social Science courses4 9


  1. Non-Arabic speaking students, after obtaining exemption from Arabic, must fulfill their Arabic requirements, by taking courses from the following selection:
    1. To satisfy Freshman Arabic Requirements, students must take: SAR105 Colloquial Arabic I, SAR106 Colloquial Arabic II, SAR111 Standard Arabic I, SAR112 Standard Arabic II, SAR221 Developmental Arabic, or any courses related to the Middle East.
    2. To satisfy Sophomore Arabic Requirements, students must take: SAR221 Developmental Arabic, or any Sophomore level course related to the Middle East.
  2. A requirement only for some of the Academic Programs.
  3. Not counted towards graduation for students who are required to take higher-level Computer Science courses.
  4. These Social Science courses are specified in some Programs.

Last modified: November 10, 2017